So i saw ppl being angry about the upcoming Anime movies e.g GHOST IN THE SHELL...

Scarlett Johansson is going to play the role as Motoko Kusanagi and actually: i think thats really good.
I think everyone knows how bad “The Last Airbender” and “Dragonball” were as an american movie production.
But seriously - Scarlett Johansson. They just can’t mess it up.
And honestly i don’t think japanese actors would do a better job.
What about the Shingeki movie? Wouldn’t western ppl be a better choice too?

Every western non-anime fan is going to watch this movie because Scarlett Johansson is playing in there and they’ll think “omg this movie is so awesome! I love the story sooo much! Let’s google this!”
And then they’ll find out that this is actually an anime and they realize “hmm maybe anime isn’t that bad at all.”

So THIS is more important to me
And the fact that my favorite actress is going to play the protagonist of my favorite anime.
Eat this

Hello dont mind me just going to gush in the tags