Pocketwatch Heart

My latest mechanical flying heart.  Bigger wingspan on this piece so it had to be balanced out with an antique pocket watch bow.  Very theatrical…


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My headhunter beads set up as pace counters .

 A customer in the US saw my head hunter morale beads and asked if I would make them up into pace counters for him .

Each bead is unique and hand made and most feature green /blue GITD eyes  made up from the best Glow Inc powder and epoxy mix  and are strung on gutted 550 para cord .

The beads are split into 2 sections of x4 and x9 with a knot separating the 2 sections  and feature safety break away cord-locks as end closures allowing them to be worn as bracelets or to safely secure to webbing straps on a pack .

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 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Setarih the Galaxy Kirin
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This gentle kirin is a rare creature from Japanese mythology, said to bring peace and serenity to all who see her. Her name is Setarih. She has come from the stars and has a beautiful and colourful galaxy print all over, depicting mysterious nebulas and shimmering stars. Her antlers are clear with a pale turquoise shimmer and glittering sparkles hovering inside them.

Setarih has a rare gift. She is able to capture starlight and hold it in her antlers. When she needs to she can guide lost travelers home in the dark by the light of her antlers. They glow a pale blue in the dark.

She is a mixed media art doll made from start to finish in my studio in the Highlands of Scotland. She has a printed minky body, fake fur mane and tail-tuft and cast resin parts. Her antlers are clear resin with glitter and GID powder. I’ve painted her with nebulas in acrylics and she has been varnished.



Glowing Gear

This is a strong masculine design - something that I want to do more of for my steampunk brothers. It will also appeal to those who like apocalyptic/atomic punk genres with that unusual silver tone pendulum alluding to the motifs of that era.

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Ghost Caberfeidh eBay Auction!

Ends 29th October

It kept being suggested so I had to set some time aside to try it out… I’m calling this style of Abdab the Ghost Series. 

This Caberfeidh’s head has been cast in clear resin with pearlescent pale blue swirls added. It also glows impressively in the dark. It measures about 3″ tall (see hand photo!) and has been hand-sewn from minky and fake fur.

The head was originally sculpted in wax and has been reproduced over 80 times in opaque resin for standard Caberfeidhs. However there are only two Ghost Caberfeidh!

The horns are incredibly difficult to cast in clear resin and I only managed to get two clean casts, so only two Ghost Caberfeidhs have been produced during Abdab Season 2015. One has been privately reserved so I am offering the second up for auction.

It will come with a signed Abdab print stating that it is one of two 2015 Ghost Caberfeidhs. It’s ready to ship so once the auction is ended it will be sent out immediately to the winner. If the winner is based in UK then they should get it before Halloween!

Caberfeidhs live in dense and ancient pine forests. They tend to be quite foul tempered and show off a lot to impress the smaller abdabs. They make a characteristic hollow groaning noise which some people say sounds like someone blowing a raspberry down a didgeridoo.

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