Tritium Core Pendant

For some reason this reminds me of the old visible petrol pump.  This was meant to be housed under a glass dome but the design ended up being too tall for it to fit.  So here it is as a pendant.  You can see I’ve included a tiny “gauge” including a tiny watch hand.  I recently started using hand UV glue which I’ve used to seal the dial.  The core is green Tritium with a fine wire spring sealed inside a second glass vial.  Tritium glows continuously for 10 to 12 years.  Unlike conventional glow in the dark, it doesn’t require “charging” from another light source.  The core sits on a heavy solid brass bead.  It’s on a brass faceted cut chain that is 22 ½ inches long with a lobster claw clasp.  The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and ½ an inch wide.

If you would like to buy this please send my a message and I will send you a Paypal invoice.  It is US$135 with shipping included.  The package will come with tracking, receipt and delivery confirmation.  You will be covered by Paypal protection.


art teacher: okay yall need to make abstract art
me, rubbing my grubby, filthy, portal-loving hands together: my time to shine


Cyflect .

A recent request from a customer for his Sig mags based on an idea here in 2014.

The cyflect both glints under red or white/ blue  light and glows green in both low and no light settings if charged via either lumens or UV light .

 cyflect available via @lumisafeltd

 tacos via @highspeedgear

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Glowing Gear

This is a strong masculine design - something that I want to do more of for my steampunk brothers. It will also appeal to those who like apocalyptic/atomic punk genres with that unusual silver tone pendulum alluding to the motifs of that era.

Available in my etsy store:


Prototype Cyflect pouch’s

Just a rough idea but certainly will look into getting some proper versions made up as these were just stitched together about 30 mins ago .

2 sizes of Glint &Glow Cyflect sew on material with Velcro hook &loop closure with technora pull tabs .

The large was sized to take a DPX Gear Danger Tag , and the small x8 10 hour mini chem-lights  the bigger can also take several other similar sized items and the small fitted both a Photon freedom and a universal cuff key . 

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If Batman EDC’d a SAK   .

 Recently made up for a customer in sculpted peel ply G-10 with GITD green in fill and green trit marker and stone-washed pocket clip .

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Glow Markers

I just finished another batch of Glow Markers. These are the new shape, as requested by user feedback. The larger size is approximately 1 ½"x ¾", smaller is approximately 1 1/8"x 5/8". The two sizes are designated A (large) and K (small). Each one is marked uniquely, so you will always know which one is yours.

One of the most common uses for these seems to be an illumination source for lock picking. Other uses include illuminating bag/backpack interiors, key fobs, zipper pulls and worn as a pendant with dog tags. One person uses his as a personal marker while exploring caves, instead of a chem-light.

I have 8 of the A size and 4 of the K size. These are ready for immediate shipment.

Either size is US $18.00, including standard domestic shipping. For international shipping, add $2.00; two or more includes free shipping.

For ordering, contact me at


Rt morale kydex variant .

 Velcro backed to fit to any loop panels, Cyflect glint &glow center with x5 GITD microdots .

 Need one , want one, Or want your own name on then please email at the address below .

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