Micro-reaction: Marion Cotillard deserves better. 

The rest: What I would like to know is if the script was written for Brad Pitt’s character to be incapable of emotion or if that just came natural after they cast him? Matthew Goode was in this for a hot second and it only made me mad to think about how much better he would have been in the role. 

The production on the film was beautiful, the costumes and the set decoration are all gorgeous. Unfortunately set decoration can’t guarantee a worthwhile plot. One of the reviewers on Letterboxd hilariously said “it’s the most boring movie you could possibly make about Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard having sex all the time.” 

The film I’d really like to see is the one about Canadian Air Force officer Lizzie Caplan and her cello playing girlfriend dancing to Benny Goodman. How do we get that one greenlit?

The final take: It’s perfectly serviceable, but you’re not really missing anything if you decide to skip it.