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For those unaware, Gimp is a free editing program that’s a great alternative to Photoshop for those who don’t have the money to purchase it, or for those who can’t or don’t want to download it illegally. Though it doesn’t have quite as many bells and whistles as its counterpart, it can still be used to create awesome stuff! As a Gimp user myself, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my favorite resources. Nothing here is mine, so be sure to like the original posts if you find them helpful!

Downloading Gimp

Downloading Extra Stuff


Coloring Tutorials

Editing Tutorials

GIF Tutorials

Graphic Tutorials

Text Tutorials

XCFs (Basically Gimp’s Version of  PSDs)




Gif Tutorial (How to Make Quality Gifs for Free, Without Photoshop)

EDIT: I totally forgot about Animstacks!! I updated with how to get the “merge layer groups” button, I specified and added a few extra screenshots to help explain some things a little better, and I fixed the tumblr sizes so it’s accurate and up to date.

Hey guys, a few people requested a gif tutorial, so I’m here to teach you how to make quality gifs, without photoshop, and for free :D

I will teach you how to make a simple gif and how to color your gif.

This is what we’re making:

From this:

What you’ll need:




(All are safe and free!) Well, let’s get started!

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Gimp Tutorial Masterlist

This masterlist is more of a post for myself than anything, but I decided to share because I’m sure someone else out there would be interested because gimp tutorials are pretty scarce. I searched the ‘gimp tutorial’ tag all the way through and compiled all of the quality tutorials here. If this helps you in any way please let me know by liking the post so that in the future I will know if I need to update it or not. All posts belong to their rightful owners.

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Minimalist Tutorial

I’ve been asked by a few people how I made the Fairies from Pixie Hollow minimalist photos. So, I thought I would make a mass tutorial for tumblr!

We’re going to learn how to make this photo of Scar from The Lion King:

As a p.s., I will be using GIMP to make this, because, let’s be real, I’m too cheap to buy photoshop.

Tutorial behind the cut!

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[TUTORIAL] Graphic Tutorial #9

okay so here’s a more involved graphic tutorial that i recently did specifically for this tutorial. i want to apologize for not being active and not posting anything new for a while. i’ve been very tied up with school, work and life. as much as i would like to come on more, i just don’t have any wiggle room to do so. but when i do, i’ll try to post more stuff if i don’t feel like having a lazy day. 

now enough about me, let’s get onto the tutorial! :)

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Hydra Mainframe Animation/GIF Tutorial

As Requested Here is the tutorial for this gif animation:

Please take note this is very complicated and takes a lot of time and effort.

  • Requirements can be found under the cut.
  • + Images
  • + Links
  • + All Material provided to Download

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VHC Effect
  • This is a request Tutorial x on how to get something like this x
  • How to make 3D Images: x
  • What you will need : This Textures x - x - x
  • Credits to the Texture owners !!!
  • This Tutorial is based on amenhilton Tutorial
  • Credits to amenhilton
  • Need anymore help or are confused message us.
  1. Okay what you have to do first is to colour and crop your photo. Then  make it to a 3D Image. I linked a Tutorial on how to do it above ! I did exactly the same steps this is my finished Image : 

  2. Then I added a new grey layer the colour is : 535050 

  3. Now go to Filters —> Noise —> HSV Noise and set this settings:

  4. Set the grey Layer to soft Light and use Gaussian Blur 12,5 (Filter —> Blur —> Gaussian Blur) and than lower the opacity to 15% ! It will look like this now : 

  5. Now selct your Rectangle Select Tool

    and creat an elongated rectangular like me :

  6. Now right click and copy the selected area. Creat a new trancparent layer and add the copied area in the new Layer. It has to be above your Background layer and under your gray layer. Move it to the side a little bit ! Like so :

    Now Flatten all your Images ( Right click your first layer —> Flatten Image )
  7. It should look like this now :

  8. Now it’s time for Texture ! add all your Textures ( the links are above ) and set the first 2 to Overlay and lower the opacity to 15 %. Than set the 3th texture to hard light and lower the opacity to 47% and place it really high so just only the coloured part is seen. Like so :

  9. Now copy your very first layer and change the mode to lighten only and place it above like this:

  10. Okay flatten again everything ( right click your very first Image —> Flatten Image ) and sharpen it and you’re done this is my finished Image :


We’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who don’t know how to gif. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a masterpost of tools you will need in order to gif as well as tutorials that will help you master the art of GIFing.

Gifs + Photoshop



tutorials: x x x



psd blogs: x x x

template tutorial


Gifs + Gimp





Photo editing

all teen wolf screencaps

online editors: x x x

{Simple} Photo Editing / Look Book Tutorial [For Beginners]

Maybe you’re a new simblr, maybe you’re not but you want to take better photos of your sims or edit them in a nice way. In this tutorial I will go over ways to do this in Photoshop and gimp. Any photo editing software where you can make layers and change opacity will work. But I am assuming you have basic knowledge of the two programs. If at any point you are confused, feel free to message me.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A solid background, I recommend these ones. It’s easier to blend photos and cover up imperfections if the background is solid. Plus, there are 99 colors, you’re not limited!
  2. A picture of your sim (obviously, or your game play)
  3. Turn on smooth edges in the graphic menu, so your pictures have clean edges 
  4. Photo editing software (GIMP IS FREE, FYI!)
  5. Poses. @flowerchamber is an excellent source for these, but you can also look on @sssvitlans‘s cc finds for other poses as well.
  6. Patience.
  7. (Optional) A PSD [only if you have a bit of Photoshop knowledge), Action, Or Curve. I’ll get into this later, but having one of these will definitely cut editing in half if you can just press a button and be done.

Let’s get started :D

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Tutorial #92 - 3D

black and white:


Colors used:
Blue: 0994ff
Red: ff0000

1. Open your picture, color, resize, sharpen, etc. It’s your choice if you want to have your picture be black and white or color. It looks good either way, as shown above!

2. Duplicate your image twice, and add two transparent layers. Organize layers as so, and fill the transparent layers with blue and red, and change mode to Screen

3. Merge the blue and the red to the pictures, and then change the colored layers to Darken Only.

your picture will appear as normal.

4. Drag your colored layers as however you want your 3D to appear. You might want to switch layers back and forth to make the 3D effect. (switch the blue above the red or red above blue to make effect)

if you have any questions, please message us! :D


First things first, you need to know about GIFS made in GIMP:

  • the end quality compared to Photoshop gifs is nothing. Photoshop gifs will end up looking way better (smoother, less grainy etc..) but hopefully this tutorial will help u make some good koala tea gifs as well
  • it’s easy to make LQ gifs in GIMP but there is a lot more involved when making more HQ gifs in GIMP.
  • For better looking gifs: use HD (1080p/720p) videos
  • SIZE MATTERS; if you are making big gifs such as 500 pixels by whatever pixels, u will be using less frames but if your gifs are smaller, u will be using more frames. 

What You Need:

  • GIMP
  • Frames from your certain part in the video (info here) you want to gif 

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Tutorial: How to brighten/sharpen images (in GIMP)!

This is a requested tutorial on how to brighten images and sharpen them. 

Left side: Before || Right side: After

Things you’ll need: 
GIMP (obviously) 
A HQ image (LQ is fine too, but harder)

Today I’m using the lovely Sansa from A Game of Thrones. (And unfortunately, tumblr doesn’t upload in HQ when making a text post- bear with me).

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