Rainjoy is setting up a page to help the Refugee crisis here in Europe.

You can find her two posts about it here and here but this is basically what she’s setting out to do:

She will set up a JustGiving page where you will be able to donate to Médecins Sans Frontières who actively help refugees. To find out more about where your money will go and what they do, Rainjoy posted links on her posts that tell you more about the charity (They really are great, check out their website).

Before she started to leave the Glee fandom, she started to write 55′000 word glee fanfiction that she never finished. She is now going to finish of the story so that she can post it as a thanks to our donations. (Please note that she said that it’s angsty. Which knowing Rainjoy’s writing, mean it will fuck you up four ways to Tuesday. And you’ll love every second of it).

Please take do whatever you can to help the refugee crisis, even if it’s just reblogging this post or educating people about the state of chaos that Europe is in right now. 

Just think, what would the Ghost do? 

More links about the refugee crisis if you want to know more:

October Cover Star Lea Michele Wants to Fix Your Life / October 2015 / FLARE

Lea Michele wearing a Missoni dress, CB Bronfman ring and Jimmy Choo boots.

With a new TV show and a self help book out this month, plus another album on the way, Glee alum and Scream Queens star Lea Michele is crushing life—and she thinks you can, too. Briony Smith sits down with the tiny dynamo and feels a strange impulse to become a better person.

Read the full interview, here!

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Hi, guys! Remember Rainjoy? She wrote that awesome ghostlanx fic back in the day :)

So she has a question for the fandom: are we willing to donate to charity? There’s a terrible crisis in Europe, and thousands of immigrants need help.

RAINJOY IS OFFERING TO POST A FIX SHE WROTE A LONG TIME AGO (not a ghostlanx fic, but a fic written for the show Glee; you might have heard of it, their fandom is just as wonky as ours (if not more), and they also have cute gay couples). SHE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE ARE PEOPLE WILLING TO DONATE TO READ IT. ALL THE DONATIONS WOULD GO TO CHARITIES HELPING REFUGEES.


(On a sidenote:

I live in Budapest, and as you might have heard, we have rioting refugees in the city. Their complaints are absolutely funded: our sham of a government is doing a particularly shitty job of helping them travel to Germany; and as of Monday, all trains going West have been cancelled. Even the refugees having bought expensive train tickets are stuck here. For now, it’s not clear whether it’s that psychopath Orbán’s doing, or is Brussel refusing to take them in, or both, or neither.

If anyone has questions about the situation here in Budapest, my askbox is open, I am more than willing to try and explain things to my best knowledge)