Exo Reactions To You Wanting To Go Trick Or Treating

I have done so many horror/spooky type reactions the last few days… can you guys tell I’m in a Halloween mood? Lol. xo

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Baekhyun: *acts like he’s going to say no & even jokes about being too old for it but then laughs & agrees, running off excitedly to get his costume on*

Chanyeol: *is standing at the front door in his costume, smiling at you & boincing around in his spot before you even have the question out of your mouth*

Chen: *blows you off, saying he’s too mature to go but then later he comes out in a costume & doesn’t say a word when you give him a long look & a smile*

D.O.: *tries to suggest watching a movie instead but when you persists, he agrees - he doesn’t dress up but he goes with & watches as you run around*

Kai: *immediately says yes but whenever he hears even the smallest noise, he almost jumps out of his skin & clings to you the whole time*

Kris: *ignores you when you ask but you end up using aegyo to persuade him into wearing a dumb costume & he walks around trying to act cool but you catch him smiling*

Lay: *runs around with you, screaming at people to try & scare them, ends up getting kicked out of a neighborhood for scaring children which he later feels bad about*

Luhan: *gets way too far into character & annoys the shit out of you on purpose so that you’ll take him back home & the two of you can do funner things* 

Sehun: *starts to smile like he’s going to say yes & then shakes his head, giving a hard no & smiling to himself when it’s you who starts pouting for once*

Suho: *bounces around with you, skipping down sidewalks & gushing about all the cool decorations, not giving a shit who’s watching or judging him*

Tao: *hides when he hears to talking to friends about it because he knows you’re going to ask him & he’s scared even though he hasn’t left the house yet*

Xiumin: *doesn’t hesitate to go with you & have a good time, acting like a big kid with you & spending all night with you without a single complaint*

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