Well….this wasn’t supposed to happen, haha!

This came out of the blue yesterday (and I got other things to do (help)). It’s supposed to be part of a bigger cinematic I plan on making about one minute long. BUT! As I know myself, I’m not going to make any promises that this project will actually be finished. I’ll see how it get’s along :)

iKON members making out

Admin Jelly’s heart couldn’t handle doing it alone. Here you go!
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Jinhwan: It would start with you teasing him as he cuddles with you. He would envelop you in his warm embrace, pressing his lips against yours. Each kiss would be harder than the previous. By the end of it he is holding you tight and passionately planting kisses all over your body; leaving purple marks behind. 

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Yunhyeong: He looks straight into your eyes as he runs his fingers all over your body; smiling mischievously, making you squirm with ever lingering touch. First he just gently lands pecks on your neck and then kisses with a swift gradation of intensity that makes your world sway. He takes complete control over your senses as he reaches for your lips. Leaving you gasping for more.

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Bobby: He keeps his intense gaze locked on your lips and pulls you close. He whispers and you feel the smile on his lips as they lock with yours. It’s like an adrenaline rush; heightening your senses and making it harder to breath. You lose control as soon as his tongue slips inside your mouth, gentle but demanding. He makes you surrender all of you, and there is no stopping it. 

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B.I: He looks at you with deep adoration in his eyes and smiles. he then gently whispers your name in a honey like voice, as if it was a love poem written only for you. He wraps his arms around you as his fingers smoothly run over your back leaving a tingling sensation behind and finally he pulls you even closer with a sudden force as you melt against his mouth.

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Donghyuk: He plays with your fingers as he holds your hand. He leans down and plants a kiss on your fingers one by one, keeping his gaze on you. Once he has all your attention he wraps your arms around him, cups your face and gently leans in to kiss. It starts off with a gentle brush and after you relax he presses his lips against yours while letting his hands get tangled in your hair.

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Ju-ne: It starts from behind, light pecks on the crook of your neck. He reaches out for your waist and swiftly pulls it towards himself, deepening the kisses. You cant even turn when he tightens his grip, paralyzing you. His hands come in contact with your bare skin and they slowly move up. He flips you over, kisses you roughly; letting his passion consume you making you groan.

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Chanwoo: His hand touches your leg gaining your attention. With his head still down you see a smile tease his lips. He looks up, locking his intense gaze with yours and then reaches out for you. Tightening his grip around your waist, he gently leans in and the second your lips meet a sudden fiery passion seems to run through him as his tongue slips in while his hands explore your body. 

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