You felt a gentle touch on your sides, making you jump, but smile once you smelled that familiar scent: Kol. He always did had a distinct scent to him, yes. The fresh smell of a newly smoldering candle, the fumes lingering in the air and passing its way through your airways, with just a hint of champagne following behind. “I missed you,” he mumbled, pressing soft kisses onto your neck. A deep crimson pink heated up your cheeks as your heartbeat sped up. He grinned when he heard it, knowing the affect he had on you. “I love you, Darling,” he gently whispered, that little, sweet smirk never leaving his face.  

         You begged him not to do it, you begged him. But he was caught up in a storm of rage and arrogance; he knew better, but he chose to follow his heart, not his gut, and your heart, at times, can be misleading. 

        You felt your heart thud against your rib cage, getting louder and louder with each step you got closer to the house. You saw Klaus standing there, and you interrogated him. “Where’s Kol?” you demanded. “Is he okay? Did you stop him?” Klaus sighed, body tensed as he looked straight forward, trying to listen to what was happening.

       “I’m not invited in,” his thick accent finally chirped up. “I came too late; he’s still in there. In fact, here he comes.” Klaus sounded worried, he tried to mask it, but it leaked through, and everything that was happening right now, it was sensory overload.

        You could feel the blazing heat wash over your face in quick waves, you could hear his screaming and the cracking and whipping of the fire growing and growing; you could see everything through a tear blurred sight: his body ablaze with flames, Jeremy stabbing him, you could hear him call out your name in his final moment. Almost as a cry for help. Klaus had to hold you back, he had to hold you and your rage, you and your sobbing and screaming for Kol to come back, Klaus held you from marching in there and killing all of them, because Kol wasn’t there to.

        That night he held you. Soft kisses pressed to your forehead as you lay back in his strong arms. His hand sailed over the curves of your body like a sea of silk, and he got to feel the very flesh that bind this wonderful being together, that kept it all in place, kept it breathing, and laughing, and smiling: you. He got to feel you, feel your heart beat beneath your chest. And in that moment, in that night, your hearts were synced.