uffff this took a while XD (I haven´t forgot about it! don´t worry just let me finish ¨Duo in jail¨ and i´ll start with this) But do you like it? :3

Paint is from @paintedcup

Alexa is from @awesomeacomics-deactivated20190

Jason is from @sinnersweets

Ronny is from @hellosassybouquetzombieblr

Sou and Oxnard are from @provider-of-guardians  / @provider-of-art

(i needed to change some instruments to make this work but if you don´t like it i can change it :D also there was another character but the guy who sended it never answered me so i dedided to cut it out, sorry)

Finished commission for the absurdly wonderful @thighsofthistle​-!! Scarlet from my AU Lilytale, cosplaying as Utena - because of course Scarlet’s all about Utena.

Sword wlw for life, right here. _(┐「ε:)_♡

1x res version (transparent):