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Ok so I’m using your ask to answer one from yesterday about that other anon that said something about E! News talking about Haylor and showing a video.  WELL I found the video.


This is so random, why did they do that?  Obviously I have no clue when that showed on E! but the twitter account uploaded it 5 days ago.

Hazrat muhmmad saw aor arab ki mashor gashti .. hazrat ayesha sidiqa ra .. wo hazor ko ghr mn choty lun ki wja sa nanga rehny py mjbor kerti thin .. or stick sa unki choti luli k sath khelti thin ..


Managed to catch a little video of a bunny that enjoyed his binkies over at the Bunny Fest 2016 with the Georgia House Rabbit Society.


Chance the bunny was enjoying playing with one of his toys at the Georgia House Rabbit Society.


Doug was trying out a basket to see how he liked the idea. He seemed pretty comfortable with the basket, and kept snuggling down into it when he got attention. Looks like he is going to be adopted as a therapy bunny if all goes well, and I suspect it will.

FRIDAY 29/03/13



  • 3 x 120 kg
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 130
  • 3 x 135
  • 2 x 140


  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW
  • 6 x BW


  • 12 x BW (ea leg)
  • 12 x BW
  • 12 x BW + 8kg kettlebell

Prone holds (30 secs on each side; no breaks)

  • Worked up to 6 mins unbroken. PR! Goal is to get up to 10 mins.

Deads are my fave. It’s been a while since I’ve hit 140, they felt good. GHRs are bloody hard! And the pistols surprised me today, didn’t know I could do them weighted :)

* * * * *


21-15-9 for time.

  • Deadlifts
  • 200m run
  • 1 muscle up

The run and muscle up are done in between each round, so the rep range applies only to the deadlifts.

COMPLETED: DNF (time cap: 30mins)

The deads and run were easy, as was the mu in the first round. It was just that single mu in the second round! After several failed attempts, I left the rings and just moved on into the 9 deads, then the run, and after a few attempts got a mu rep in the third and final round.

The point where I kept failing was the transition. I’d be a smidge behind the catch, but then my momentum would stop there and I’d fall. Just gotta work on the progression for that part of the movement and I should be sweet.