okay but the fact that neither the comet in natasha pierre and the great comet of eighteen twelve NOR the groundhog in groundhog day: the musical sing is just… such a, , disappointment. step up ur game broadway i expected better than this come on

To DEH, TGC, CFA, and GHD fandoms,

The Tony Awards do not prove who is the better musical is. It only proves that the majority of voters has recognized as what the musical has done for the community of Broadway. There are about over 800 voters, and we don’t get the results how the voters voted. We may never know how close the results are. Just appreciate your favorite musical as what you love it for. Be respectful to other musical fandoms. Theatre is a community full of love. The actors are all having times to meet with the other actors in their categories because they are FRIENDS. We can love musicals and still be friends. 

If you ever want to talk musicals nominated for Best Musical or the ones that weren’t nominated. My box is always open. I am bias free. I love all four musical that were nominated. I’m still trying to learn more about Groundhog Day the musical because I can’t find enough info on it. Please if you are worried and just need to rant please message. Please reblog this if you feel the same if people can come to you without judgement on their favorite musical.