Congrats on 4 million subscribers, Game Grumps!

The entire backstory of GameGrumps sounds like something out of a Dan Harmon-esque sitcom. An animator teams up with a media critic for a let’s play channel, but the critic abruptly leaves less than a year later and is replaced with Danny Sexbang, singer of the band Ninja Sex Party. Another segment is hosted by Danny and an Irish-Australian-American animator/sadist. Arin’s wife Suzy is a professional goth queen, and their editor is a pure and humble walking beard. They are both frequent guests that host another segment of tabletop games. In between their cahoots the team becomes one of the most recognized let’s play channels.

Running gags include: wolfjob, “cranberriduceus”, the D Club, Dan’s Israeli father’s voicemails, Arin insisting on playing as a girl, selling out to Wendy’s, “mmmMMMmmm, funnyyyyy JOKE”, a burger that’s first used as a visual gag but becomes a recurring character with its own lines, “my pussyyyyy”, never reading tutorials, giving Barry incredibly specific demands, MARK ZUCKERBERG, and the time Arin sharted his pants out of rage

Did I mention that Ninja Sex Party’s other member is a father that quit a tenured job as a professor of theoretical physics, at which he has a P.h.D, in order to become a keytar-weilding ninja? And Ross (the sadist) is married to a bird enthusiast and professional cosplayer. And the aforementioned critic later becomes a white supremacist apologist. This all happens in five years.

TL;DR: how does game grumps exist

Favorite Game Grumps Things


- the entire Sonic Boom series 

- Grubba voice 

- Anytime Arin says “my pussy” in THAT voice 

- Arin freaking out while Danny is just chilling 

- D Club

- “You think I came out the pussy drawing fucking Mozart"  

- I’m gonna pre 

- Obama watching Game Grumps 

- "Just suck me off, dude.” - Arin Hanson 

- Sick JO sesh 

- Danny calling Arin “big cat”


- When either one of them or both of them is sick 

- Arin showering Danny with compliments and Danny getting all flustered 

- Danny being right about something in regards to a game and Arin shooting him down saying a completely wrong thing but Danny being like “okay” 



- Them both being super deep one minute but then going back to talking about dicks the next minute 

- Danny and Arin teaching each other about things they know about!!! 

- Arin saying something he’s not entirely too sure about and Danny having to Google some weird shit 

- D: “Looks like we need a walkthrough.” 

A: “No, dude I’m fine. I got this.” 

D: “Are you sure, dude?” 

A: “Yeah I’m fine.” 



- Danny telling Arin which way to go and Arin refusing, which makes him end up going in the wrong direction 

- When they start to talk about something (Danny especially), but then they get distracted by something in the game and then completely forget what they were gonna say 

- When Arin has to explain a meme to Danny