Hollywood won’t let female journalists be competent at their jobs.

…Even when journalists do their jobs, they’re often inexplicably thwarted by the narrative. Female journalists often turn out to have been manipulated by their sources all along (House of Cards, The Life of David Gale). In fact, pretty much the only time female journalists in Hollywood are allowed to be competent, successful, and professional without violating any ethical standards is when the journalists are based on real people (Spotlight, Good Girls Revolt).

The fictional female journalist has only been allowed to be unequivocally excellent at her job on a few occasions. The vintage classic His Girl Friday gave us Hildy Johnson, an iconic role for Rosalind Russell that contained all the classic rom-com tropes of personal and professional conflicts, yet never once saw its character crossing ethical lines. In Woman of the Year, Katharine Hepburn was a hardboiled feminist reporter whose success upstages her husband’s. Mary Tyler Moore’s TV news producer on The Mary Tyler Moore Show notably chose to face jail time rather than give up her sources; then there was the long-running ’90s series Murphy Brown (and even Murphy’s hard-hitting competence was countered by ditzy Corky Sherwood).

Most of these examples of “good” female journalists aren’t without issue, but they at least show us that Hollywood is capable of delivering complex, professional women in the world of journalism who are committed to their jobs and capable of maintaining basic ethical standards.

Many Gilmore Girls fans had hoped that Rory would take her place among these fictional examples as a proud professional journalist, as one more much-needed reminder that female journalists can be both competent and capable of getting a story without crossing ethical lines.

Alas, it seems Hollywood just isn’t ready for the Rory Gilmore of our dreams.

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