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The Signs as Punk Rock Musicians

Aries- GG Allin

Taurus- Joe Strummer 

Gemini- Joey and Dee Dee Ramone 

Cancer- Courtney Love

Leo- Johnny Rotten 

Virgo- Taylor Momsen 

Libra- Patti Smith 

Scorpio- Sid Vicious 

Sagittarius- Joan Jett

Capricorn- Debbie Harry 

Aquarius- Glenn Danzig 

Pisces- Kurt Cobain 


Manhattan | a Dair fanmix

01. we’re after the same rainbow’s end / 02. she’s high society, she’s got the best of everything, what could a guy like me ever really offer? / 03. when she knows what she wants from her time, and when she wakes up, and makes up her mind / 04. he keeps his word, and for once you let go of your fears and your ghosts / 05. out of my league, old school chic, like a movie star from the silver screen, you’re one of a kind / 06. to put it nicely I’m likely do anything for you / 07. can I help but rejoice that a song such as ours came to be? / 08. I have never loved a darker blue than the darkness I have known in you / 09. will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty? / 10. you never find what you’re looking for, but keep searching for something that’s more than you can ever dream / 11. is it to late to make you mine, tell me there’s still time / 12. but in the real world we must say real goodbyes, no matter if the love will live, it will never die / 13. you can have Manhattan, the one we used to share, the one where we were laughing and drunk on just being there, hang on to the reverie, could you do that for me? ‘cause I’m just too sad to

[ L I S T E N ]

EXCLUSIVE: Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas Talk 'Once Upon a Time' Musical & What Their Kids Think of the Songs!

Snow White and Prince Charming are stepping into the spotlight!

During Once Upon a Time’s highly anticipated musical episode, which airs this Sunday, May 7, Snow and Charming are (finally!) getting an extra dose of screen time when they show off their magical voices in three spellbinding songs: “Powerful Magic,” “The Charmings vs. Evil Queen” and “A Happy Beginning.”

ET had the pleasure of visiting Once Upon a Time’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last month during filming of the musical extravaganza, and we sat down with stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas to chat all about Snowing’s songs in the musical, what they’re hoping to steal from set and what their kids think about their new vocal adventures!

When you first found out that the musical episode was happening, what was your reaction?
JD: Ummm… what?!
GG: [Laughs] I always thought that I was dying to perform in a musical episode, and then when it became a reality, I pretty much tried to beg my way out of it.
JD: For Once Upon a Time, it suits the musical format so well because we deal with big emotions all the time and…
GG: High stakes!
JD: High stakes, exactly. And that’s what musicals are, you know, the emotions get so big and so raw that the only thing left to do is sing!

What kinds of songs are you two going to be singing together?
Well, we’ve had a bunch of beautiful original songs written for the musical episode, so we’ve got a couple of numbers. Talking about some powerful magic and we’ve got a singing showdown with the Evil Queen and a big group number.
GG: About the power of love versus occult magic.
JD: It’s fun!

Have you guys been singing all your songs together at home?
Oh yeah!
GG: Oh yeah, we’ve had no choice. Our son, our eldest son, actually really loves hearing the recording of our duet.
JD: I know, but he makes me feel really self-conscious.
GG: Why?
JD: Because every time I start singing he goes, “Ha ha ha! That’s daddy’s voice!”
JD: And I’m like, “OK great, Oliver. Thanks. Thanks for the support, bud.”

How are you guys feeling about the fact that your on-screen daughter is getting married in the musical episode?
It is emotional, especially because the timing of it coming at the end of our sixth season. I can’t help but have rea-life bleed through and think about all the things we’ve all been through together. It’s wild to think that in the pilot you were putting her through the wardrobe and now we’re depicting her happy ending.
JD: And that’s all that Snow and Charming ever wanted for her – was for her to be happy and for her to find her happy ending.
GG: And a bit of normalcy. This is her moment, so it’s all come to this.

A lot of fans want to know how Charming feels about Killian at this point. Do you think Charming is content with handing his daughter over to this man?
Oh my god, yeah! They have a friendship that is very strong now. He went to Hook for help and he helped him out in a big way and made him start seeing things clearly, so yeah, they’re tight.

This series all started with a wedding and it could potentially end with one. How do you think Emma and Killian’s wedding compares to Snow and Charming’s?
This is a pretty good wedding. Not as good as Snow and Charming’s, but this is OK. [Laughs] Let’s just say it broke Charming’s bank account. It’s lavish, this wedding.

Are there any items from Once Upon a Time that you’re hoping you might be able to take with you from set?
Oh my gosh! We were just discussing this today.
JD: Our wedding rings.
GG: I guess I’ll end up stealing mine.
JD: Oh, we can’t say that. Then they’re going to hide them from me! [Laughs]
GG: I still have my Big Love wedding rings, so I feel like I have to steal my Snow wedding ring too.
JD: Yeah, I’m definitely going to take my wedding ring – and maybe a sword.