hi i spent eighty years making gravity falls pride icons w/ my headcanons for everyones gender n sexuality

wendy is bi and i can never decide if i like her more as a transgirl, transboy, or a demigirl so i just did…….. all of them,,, robbie is bi and genderfluid, and gideon is aroace and a demiboy!

feel free to use, just credit me!! ;w;

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 (ur here!)

Inktober Day 21

Take a recent cartoon/animation and draw it in the form of old-timey animation!

Old-Timey Gravity Falls! Wasn’t sure how to do an old-timey style so I took inspiration from Mickey Mouse (hence the gloves, lol)

I muted the colors and added a film texture to really give it a nostalgic feel

*Please do NOT use/repost anywhere or remove the caption!*