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How would the skaters fair with an s/o who's a competitive show jumper? Like they raise and train horses competitively for competition? Sorry if it's vague this is my first time doing this ;3; I'm always too shy...

((You didn’t specify which ones, so I’ll do the main three))


-Finds it amazing

-Adores watching s/o because they look so beautiful when they’re riding horses

-And elegant as well

-Begs s/o to to teach him

-Probably falls while the horse is astride (I think it’s called astride in English…?)


-His biggest concern is s/o falling off the horse

-I mean, did you read the statistics on injuries??

-His heart stops every time s/o jumps

-He does, however, like helping them take care of the horses

-But there’s no way he’s getting one one thankyouverymuch


-He really likes horse riding as a sport, so he’s happy that s/o does it

-Always comes to their competitions (with his best disguise, of course)

-Buys s/o shirts with horses on them

-When he’s helping s/o with the horses, they often bite his hair (it reminds them of straw)

-So he starts wearing it in a bun when he’s in the stable




wanna be mine starting from today?

For the second time in history, an old democrat will leave a legacy of a Trail of Tears in the name of American populism.


you burn at twenty-two
the same way that you did as a kid
it’s the same skin, it’s the same sun
but no one can see the connecting lines
so we had to divert their gaze
at least we try to

get me off this ride, plant me in the street
i wanna grow back up where no one will see
i don’t want a mouth, i’ll spit out all my teeth

please let me change
but please look away

it’s kinda sad,
the way we laugh to distract or to protect
don’t you think it’s sad,
the way we laugh?
don’t you think it’s sad?

Dating Them Includes - Hoseok (BTS)

Trying this out guys, I fucking love these things ~ Taebaby

Feel free to send in requests guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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  • Really tight hugs
  • Like really tight hugs ok
  • ‘Hobi get your thick ass legs off me, they’re heavy’
  • ‘You know you love riding these thighs’
  • Enjoying witnessing J-nope first hand
  • Very emotional boy
  • Like he’d keep you up all night just talking (but you wouldn’t mind)
  • Talking about how he feels and wanting to know how you feel
  • Wanting to make sure he keeps you happy because he’d constantly be worrying that he’s not enough but honestly how is he not?
  • Reassuring him, that yes, you’re very happy with him
  • Really long, really sensual sex because he’d be super into pleasuring you till exhaustion
  • Them thighs come in handy, ya get me
  • Pretty dang loud in bed (like a stallion
  • He’d get off on just your facial expressions and the sounds you made so there wouldn’t be one weak second in his sex game ok
  • Don’t fight me on that last one
  • Constantly telling him that he’s a very important part of the band (because I feel like he may ba slightly self-depreciating of himself)
  • Staying up late for him till he gets home
  • Him scolding you for not getting enough sleep
  • But secretly loving the shit out of the fact that you cared about him enough to wait up
  • Him telling you he loves you practically every five minutes
  • Just an overall really deep relationship
  • Very open, very honest, very caring
  • Overflowing with passion and love and fucking intense romance novel shit. You’d never think of anyone else and he’d never think of anyone else

It’s 2017 in this side of the world and I finally have the time to post my Overwatch and various con hauls~ My Overwatch pops are complete…for now (posing some with their respective families and some *cough* ships). I definitely have an Overwatch problem lmao, thanks 2016 :’D

As for con hauls, a big thanks to:

@czadrich: For the free vinyl otp stickers and pouches (I need to be stopped, seriously). Thanks for indulging me with all the fandom talk and introducing me to a great Fate Grand Order artist that I actually knew from waaaays back lmao. I’ll buy more from you soon *winky face*

@blueidiot: For the Genji, Robin and Kamui prints, Mercy, Marx and Kamui acrylic keychains, and free Morgan sticker. I’ll be back for King Chromnom and I’m looking forward to more of your Overwatch merch :’) Really didn’t expect to meet each other again at a con after like two-ish years but as Fates would have it, here we are with similar fandoms again :’D See you around~

@meikahime, @makerpls and @athy: For the Soldier 76 and Genji butt stickers (lol), Genji, Soldier76, Reaper and free Charmander acrylic charms. Bought Soldier 76 and Reaper charms from you guys before, but I needed extras because the first ones I bought were so overused haha :’D Looking forward to the R76 prints you guys promised; I’ll buy them all <3

@mprincekane and @kuroharra: For the Soldier 76 acrylic charm and an extra Reaper one. Finally got him in my sights *gets shot* :’)

@ficakes: For the Soldier 76 pin. I should’ve bought the Reaper pin though :’D I’ll buy him next time for sure…and also Genji~

Funny Things I’ve Seen in WoW
  • I was watching someone I know fly from Hellfire Peninsula to Shadowmoon. The moment he was no longer above land, he was forcibly dismounted from his gryphon and plunged into the Twisting Nether.
  • The same person disconnected, and when they logged in a Spirit Healer was dropping his ghost into an endless void, then doing it again when his ghost was killed.
  • Later the same thing happened to me. A GM helped me get back to Stormwind and then emoted riding off on a cow mount.
  • On top of that, he once had an addon that made sure he always had a companion pet active. One time he was showing me how he could exit flight form, drop, and turn back into it before dying, but his pet fell faster than him, despawned, and then the addon tried it again, only for the same thing to happen. This kept him from turning back into a storm crow because it affected the global cooldown and he died.
  • While leveling in Outland with my mom, he told her, “Follow me” and then ran off the edge of the world on accident. 
  • My mom was in Duskwood once when Stitches saw her and started to chase her. It followed her into a small cottage, through a door that was way too small for it, killed her, and left. 
  • She also had a tendency to get killed by Deathwing as he torched various zones. She’d be out mining and then get scorched to death, no matter what zone she was in. 
  • I’ve seen Murlocs swim straight through the sides of ships in Auberdine. 
  • I saw someone once throw a jack-o-lantern at a character riding down the path from Ironforge. It followed him all the way out of sight, laughing as it went. 
  • During the Scourge Invasion Wrath of the Lich King pre-expansion event, said person who often falls to his death saw a guard ten levels than everyone else infected with the plague and wandering the Canals. He then escaped from there as fast as he could.
  • During the same event, I purposely got infected and hid in a house waiting to turn into a zombie. A rogue found me, backed down the stairs, and stealthed waiting to kill me. He was also a few levels below me and still visible. I managed to corpse explode before he could defeat me. 
  • In addition, another player and I turned into zombies so we could explore the Fargodeep Mine without getting attacked by Kobolds, chanting “brains” all the way.

I had a conversation with @belldreams that literally started out with, “I have to wonder- COULD pregnant Anakin be more whiny than his usual self? Or does he just reach an emo plateau not even pregnancy can breach? :D?” + “Absolutely he can get more whiny.” and THIS IS WHAT YOU GET.

  • Right now he kind of holds back a little, he’ll at least go get his own weird midnight food.
  • But pregnant!Anakin would kick Obi-Wan awake in the shins and be like FIZZY ICE CREAM, I NEED IT and shamelessly abuse that Obi-Wan would get anything for him while he’s knocked up.
  • Also, at least 25% more I’M NOT CRYING I’LL RIP YOUR FACE OFF IF YOU ASK IF I’M CRYING while he’s crying on Obi-Wan’s tunic.
  • Horny pregnant!Anakin is amazing.  And so, so selfish.  He’s at the point where he doesn’t care if Obi-Wan gets off or not, JUST SHUT UP AND LET ME RIDE YOU UNTIL I’M FINISHED, that’s all he cares about.
  • And Obi-Wan endures more of this anyone humanely should.   He gets him not just fizzy ice cream, but gets a ~feeling~ he has to get tiger ice cream too. And it’s the right thing to do, because the fizzy ice cream makes Anakin throw up.
  • They both know that Anakin is abusing this total lack of Obi-Wan’s ability to say “no” to anything, but neither of them can really mind it. Anakin briefly entertains thoughts of feeling guilty but then is right back to, “Yes, but I WANT him to pay attention to me all the time.” and so the guilt disappears.  (It’s Obi-Wan’s fault, anyway, so.)
  • It doesn’t matter that they both know Anakin is only going to take one bit of his Felucian Spike Plant Stew before declaring it disgusting, the point is that it’s driving him crazy that he WANTS IT SO BADLY.
  • And Obi-Wan can even keep up with Anakin’s riding needs, until one bad twist and Anakin throws out his back for a few days. Which makes for a miserable while until they find other ways to keep him sated.   It involves a lot of pillows, lube, and fingers.
  • Obi-Wan WARNED HIM, but Anakin was like, no, shut up, I’m fine as he kept going, Obi-Wan doing his best to help support Anakin, but eventually he just goes a little too long and puts his back out.
  • (Anakin worriedly feeling with the Force to make sure nothing happened to the baby, while Obi-Wan hovers over him and helps send out feelers through the Force.)
  • (The baby’s fine, it kicks lightly in irritation, then settles right back down. Obi-Wan is still wary like, look, he SAID this was going to– OBI-WAN MY BACK HURTS I CAN’T REALLY GET BACK UP ON YOUR DICK AGAIN BUT I WASN’T FINISHED, I’M GONNA LAY DOWN, FINISH FUCKING ME RIGHT NOW.)
  • (And Obi-Wan’s protests are only met with louder and louder YOU GOT ME INTO THIS, FINISH IT.)
  • Anakin can’t even stand up at first, but he’s got an entire throne of pillows set up on the bed and makes demands from on high. OBI-WAN, I’M HUNGRY AND HORNY.  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • “Anakin, you can choose to eat or to get fucked, but not both. And only because we BOTH know you’ll throw up on me if you try both.”
  • (So, so many times Obi-Wan’s tunics are going to get used as an emergency barf bag.)
  • (Obi-Wan starts carrying around actual throw up sacks, he’s tired of this, but he’s about 99% sure Anakin purposely doesn’t warn him, even when he KNOWS he’s about to thrown up.  And then just vomits right onto his lap. Because Anakin finds it funny.)
    ( Anakin’s motto: I’m miserable, so you’re going to be miserable with me. >:|)
  • ( But also the look on Obi-Wan’s face as he tries to hold back the disgusted look is really, really funny.)
  • (It’s fine. He throws out all his robes all the time, anyway!, Anakin says.)
  • Also, too bad for Anakin, after a certain point NO MORE FLYING because flying is a no-go when you’re that pregnant.  He can abuse Obi-Wan in a lot of ways, but when it comes to actual health concerns, oh, shit, Obi-Wan has boundaries all of a sudden, fuck.
  • (Anakin is hardcore sneaking out onto air bikes early on-ish.  Thankfully, Obi-Wan never finds out about the sneaking out for speeder races, he’d have had an absolute fit. It’s probably more to due with Obi-Wan being dead tired from looking after Anakin’s demands than Anakin actually gaining a level in stealth mode.)
  • Just. Seven months pregnant Anakin slouching over the side of the speeder in absolute AGONY.
  • It’s so awful being driven around by Obi-Wan. Because Obi-Wan is a great pilot! He COULD go faster, it would be perfectly safe! But no. HE DRIVES LIKE MASTER NU, Anakin knows, he went on a field trip with her once and he could have WALKED faster than she drives.
  • (He’s pretty sure Master Nu was doing it on purpose because, okay, he WAS being kind of a little shit at her, but the point still stands. YOU DRIVE LIKE AN OLD PERSON, OBI-WAN, PLEASE HIT THE ACCELERATOR.)
  • But then Anakin pukes over the side of the speeder and Obi-Wan just looks at him.
  • And there’s nothing sexy about Obi-Wan when he pilots like an old person. :(  He keeps both hands on the steering sticks and looks ahead into traffic/checks his mirrors. Won’t even put an elbow out on the window ledge! HES SO SQUARE.
  • The unfair thing is: It is the least sexy Obi-Wan has EVER been and Anakin still can’t stop thinking about sliding over onto his lap and riding him right there anyway.
  • And does Obi-Wan go even slower after that?  Worse: He pulls over and waits for Anakin’s nausea to pass. THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO GET ANYWHERE AT THIS RATE.
  • DOUBLE UNFAIR: Obi-Wan won’t let him touch him while he’s piloting, not even his thigh, much less condone in-air fucking (one of Anakin’s more recurring fantasies)(The dirty, dirty thoughts Anakin has had about swoop bikes are never going to come true now. ): ).   THE BABY WILL BE BORN BEFORE THEY GET TO THE TEMPLE.
  • Also, there’s at least two solid weeks that Anakin practically LIVES in the bathtub, because everything aches and he’s cold all the time.  Obi-Wan tried for about three days to get him out of there to at least eat meals, but eventually he caved and started bringing a tray in. (Plus with bucket. Doesn’t matter Anakin is right next to the toilet, it’s TOO FAR to puke in.)
  • He wasn’t going to tell Obi-Wan about the time he fell asleep and almost maybe kind of accidentally drowned himself a little, but Obi-Wan was mother henning him and felt it and then Anakin had to leave the ONLY WARM PLACE IN THE ENTIRE TEMPLE, YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE, OBI-WAN, HOW DARE YOU TREAT THE BEARER OF YOUR CHILD THIS WAY–
  • Obi-Wan just piles more blankets on him when gently shoving him into bed and silently goes to get an extra heating pad.
  • Anakin’s yelling slowly turns into mutterings and then sleepy yawns and, finally, he’s about to fall back asleep, so Obi-Wan tries to sneak off. But Anakin’s hand darts out and, please stay with me?
  • Obi-Wan is h e l p l e s s against this, despite that it’s AN INFERNO IN THERE, but he will suffer in silence, because, okay, it’s kind of nice the way Anakin is nestled into the middle of all this and safe and happy and warm and content.
  • EVENTUALLY THERE ARE NESTING INSTINCTS, TOO. The bed is literally about twenty blankets wound up into an actual nest.  It’s the starship parts that are EVERYWHERE that Obi-Wan can’t stand. Under the pillows! Between the blankets! Shoved into piles next to the bed! On the sofa! Between the sofa cushions! In the cupboards!  Obi-Wan valiantly tries to draw the line at the blowtorch Anakin has sneaked under the covers, but he’s no match for Anakin always finding it again and sneaking it back in.
  • They are both in so much trouble when that baby gets out. Force sensitive toddler with double inherited Extra? WATCH OUT.  Their baby would be The Most Extra Ever.   Even the Jedi would be like NO THANK YOU.
  • Anakin: You wouldn’t dare just let my baby run around without training! WHAT IF THEY BECOME A SITH LORD?? THAT COULD–
    The Jedi: *quiet terror in their eyes as they slowly back away at that thought*
It’s Not Fair

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“[Y/N], I –” 

“No, Steve. You promised me last week that you would never do it again,” [Y/N] said harshly, as she kept her gaze on the floor. 

“But you know this is a dangerous mission and I can’t –” 

A breathy laugh escaped from her lips, interrupting Steve. “You just don’t get it, do you? This is the life we live. All missions will be dangerous. Every single one of them. You can’t just keep pulling me out of missions.” 

[Y/N] paused for a second to catch her breath, trying to keep her emotions at bay. Steve’s eyes shifted over her features, unsure of what to do. Her eyes fluttered close. She needed time to organize her chaotic thoughts, but she soon continued. 

“As part of the team, I have a responsibility. I cannot uphold this responsibility if you keep pulling me out of these missions. Like you said, these missions are dangerous. You, as Captain, should know the importance of additional help.” 

When she didn’t hear anything from Steve, she went on. 

“I know you’re protective of me, Steve, and I’m so grateful, but you’re beginning to cross the line. If you still can’t see why I have to do this, then I…I’m sorry. I don’t think I can do this anymore. So what will it be?” 

[Y/N] lifted her eyes off the floor to make eye contact with Steve. He stood in his original position by the door, fists now tightly clenched. His eyes held an overflowing level of worry, mixed with desperation, before his brows furrowed in frustration. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. [Y/N] bit on her lower lip as she waited for his response, giving him as much time as he needed. 

After what seemed like hours of silence, he let out a sigh and softly said, “You know why I’m doing this, [Y/N]. You, of all people, know why. I’ve lost too many loved ones and I’m not losing you too.” 

[Y/N] felt the tears gradually pooling in her eyes and her lips slightly curled upwards in a heartbroken smile, knowing very well that the decision has been made. She tiptoed her way over to Steve and gave him a lingering peck on the cheek, something that lasted longer than it should have. 

“I know, but it’s not fair,” she whispered. 

[Y/N] lifted her hands to cup his face, allowing her thumb to ghost over his lips before she dropped her hands back down to her side. With a heavy heart, she walked over to the door, but hesitated as she exited the room. She took a deep breath as the tears, which were holding on so strongly, finally began to fall. She turned her head back and took one last look. 

In a low voice, she said, “I love you, Steve.” 

With that, the door slammed shut, and Steve finally let loose the sob he had been holding back.

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You give off the vibes of a kind person who does their best. Do you know those pure characters who always get their fair share of suffering? You're kinda like, please take it as a compliment.

Did you mean…

Yes, let’s keep raising my death flag. Not really sure why you’d think I’m so pure but if meh, this gets me off the wild ride of life then by all means, raise the flag! FUCKING END MY SUFFERING ALREADY

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I sat on a lecture today and fantasized about Ben (as Krennic) telling me to ride his thigh to get myself off. It was really sexy and I don't even know what's happening to me oh my god please send help

Uggghhh anon I don’t blame you.

I was at work earlier and I work in a cafe so there are loads of TABLES. If you followed mine and @daddyorsonkrennic ‘s story (which can be found here :P ) Then you already know that I can’t think about tables the same way again and today my job at the end was to clean the tables, which normally would be fine but now that fic exists I couldn’t clean a single table without thinking of Ben pushing me down and fucking me over it.

And I just know that if he ever ordered me to clean tables with just a toothbrush I would do so and love every second of it.

OTP Prompt

A and B are in line to get on a roller coaster. A is super excited and ready to get on the coaster. B is normally super tough, so they pretend it doesn’t bother them, but they’re secretly terrified of roller coasters. A and B get strapped in, and they’re in the front row. A is laughing and enjoying the ride, while B is crying and shrieking “let me off” over and over. When they get off the ride, A notices that B is very shaken and upset. A holds B and reassures B that they’re okay, and once B calms down, B gets super embarrassed. B grabs A’s hand and drags A off to the next ride and shouts “I’M NOT SCARED.”