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Hanzo, McCree and Zanya s/o walking in on them butt naked after getting out of the shower.

Zanya? I will assume you meant Zarya, please tell me if I’m wrong
As you wish anon



He’ll turn away the second he sees you completely bare with dusted cheeks. Where’s your towel? Why aren’t you wearing one? He’d say many apologizes and excuse himself. He’d be so embarrassed he wouldn’t be able to look you in the eye for the rest of the day.


He’d stare. He wont even seem to notice that you’re even naked beside his eyes wondering over you for a moment. He’d grin and take a seat, either right where he was standing or on the bed. “Don’t mind me hon~”


She’d look for a second before smiling with a chuckle. It’s no big deal. She’s seen you naked before and you’ve seen her naked before. If you’re shy or flustered about her presence, she probably start to strip to make yourself more comfortable.