College Confession #16

A girl just ordered Domino’s to be delivered to our lecture with over 300 students. The pizza guy came from across town, went to our lecture hall, called her name, and brought her the pizza directly to her seat in the middle of the room and now she’s eating a full pizza by herself in the middle of class. 

Meanwhile, our professor didn’t even miss a beat and has yet to act like he noticed anything.

- Georgia Southern University


A very special RIP for the greek community at Georgia Southern University. Yesterday they lost three NPC sorority members (along with two more nursing students) in a terrible car crash outside of Savannah. Our hearts go out to the sisters, family and friends of the five girls who were lost. Prayers and sympathy for everyone who knew them. 

♥ RIP • Emily Clark • ΑΔΠ

♥ RIP • Morgan Bass • ΑΟΠ

♥ RIP ~ Abbie Deloach • KΔ


♥ RIP ~ Catherine (McKay) Pittman • AΔX 

 “And we wept that one so lovely should have a life so brief.” ~ William Cullen Bryant


Some guy from my school made this. Truer words have never been spoken

Hello Southern,

I wanted to clarify a couple things based on the various rumors that have sprung up (Yik Yak is not a valid source for citation).

I’m not leaving town, never was.  When I said “Goodbye Southern” it was metaphorical.  My wife teaches at the university and I can’t drive so I couldn’t leave if I wanted to and frankly some jackhole stealing my hat isn’t enough to make me leave my wife, lol.  I’m just hanging up the chalk for a bit.  

As for the rumor that I am now packing, I’ll neither confirm nor deny.

I know some of you saw me out this morning.  A couple days ago I got contacted by WJCL and they had apparently heard of me and about what happened last week.  They asked if they could do a segment about me and if I’d draw something for it so I gave them Clarice since she’s always been one of my favorites to draw.  They shot this morning and it’s supposed to air Monday night @11(I think).  The anchor, Meghan (@MeghanSchiller), said she’d send me a link to the finished piece when it goes up on the website.  When I get it I’ll post it.

I must say I’ve been overwhelmed by the response I’ve gotten since the Asshat incident.  After my goodbye post my various inboxes exploded.  I got hundreds of messages from you guys asking me to stay as well as several messages from people in other towns asking me to come there, lol.  But like I said before, I’m locked to Statesboro as long as my wife is here I’ll be here.  I am going to take a break from the sidewalk for a little while but I can’t just give it up completely.  It’s very hard to walk away from something you love so much.  And the outpouring of love and support that has come my way has really been incredible.  Thanks guys.  I had no idea that my work meant so much to so many.  I’ll be back but when remains to be seen.  We’ll see what happens after Thanksgiving.  

I do know I’m going to have to make some changes in my Modus Operandi.  I’ll not be chalking my traditional pitch by retrievers.  It’s just gotten far too sketchy over there.  It has been suggested that I do my work directly on campus during the day.  I find this thought intriguing but more contemplation is required.   There will also likely no longer be a tip hat, if I am graced by gratuity it will reside away from the reach of grubby fingers that aren’t my own.  

Thanks again guys, I will see you again in time.  Hail Southern.