Here’s the other half of the scanned AX 2013 commissions. The first half can be found here:

Thanks again to those who stopped by!

Don’t forget, those going to San Diego Comic Con should stop by Booth #4431 ! I will be there tomorrow by afternoon or so. I will do commissions as well. You should stop by and check out the Black Torch comic anthology, as well as the many other products at the LAVApunch booth!

Here’s a listing of this entry’s commissions:

1st: Samus & Samus, ZSS and Varia. I think the commissioner had an alternative suggestion, but I can’t turn down an excuse to draw Samus XD

2nd: Commissioner’s original character @3@

3rd: Marin from Seifuku Denetsu: Pretty Fighter vs. Yuka from Variable Geo. Old skool @3@//

4th: Aegis doing her P3 win pose.

5th: Maji-OMNI’s original character owo This is from Fanime, but I forgot to scan it earlier.

6th: My first doodle of Robo-Fortune is on the back page of the commissioner’s copy of the fanart book. Historic!

7th: Robo-Fortune from the EVO tshirt. Beep boop meaooou.


Ok! So hopefully I’ll see you guys at SDCC. Stop by the table,  #4431!