I was able to make the 14th day of Genoary Challenge: -Geno at UVS studio- What does Geno do while he waits for his part to come in Underverse?

Maybe he’s reading the script, also this is my first attempt making a traditional animation, this is almost a practise because I’m thinking on make a traditional animated scene when Geno appears, as a tribute to the original comic Aftertale.
This Is not as the perfect and unique CQ’s style, but I have time at least for improving the animation :)

Geno by @loverofpiggies
Genoary Challenge by @shinydiamondblog

Day 2 of GENOARY by @shinydiamondblog

2 - SWAP - What would Geno look like wearing someone else’s clothing? It can be anyone.

I actually bought a very pretty Christmas sweater that lights up, Mabel style. So i could not continue the lovely tradition of ugly christmas sweaters

Also, Animation ! Yeeah ! Not pretty, but still moving, amI right xD

Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies