Whenever I look back on the early episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, I realize that Iroh was probably acting a little ridiculous on purpose. He knows that Zuko still has fresh emotional wounds from his cruel, uncompromising father and sadistic sister, and the one source of softness and warmth in his life, his mother, is long gone. Iroh always tried to be a friend to Zuko, but now that his nephew has been scarred and banished, he tries to be goofy and funny and carefree so desperately hard because all he wants is for Zuko to smile and relax again.  If making a fool out of himself is what he has to do, he’d do it a hundred times over.

❝ But you should talk to the Firelord. My mother and grandfather 
have always been good friends with the Avatar and the Southern Water Tribe. I'm sure they'll be willing to help. 
To all the kids in AP classes with C's

You worked hard for that C. Sure you would like your normal A but that doesn’t mean you should put yourself down because of a C. AP classes are supposed to be hard so if you think about it, a C is really an A. Heck some schools have a weighted GPA. A C in an AP class is an A in those kind of school systems, but what I’m trying to say is don’t put yourself down for something you worked hard for, your effort was seen and recognized or else it would be an F instead of a C.