Whenever I look back on the early episodes of Avatar: the Last Airbender, I realize that Iroh was probably acting a little ridiculous on purpose. He knows that Zuko still has fresh emotional wounds from his cruel, uncompromising father and sadistic sister, and the one source of softness and warmth in his life, his mother, is long gone. Iroh always tried to be a friend to Zuko, but now that his nephew has been scarred and banished, he tries to be goofy and funny and carefree so desperately hard because all he wants is for Zuko to smile and relax again.  If making a fool out of himself is what he has to do, he’d do it a hundred times over.


I think this part is really over looked by a lot of people it shows how much Iroh loves and cares for Zuko, and how he wants the best for him but at his own rate. Zuko shows no emotion but Iroh knows the feeling is mutual, I think it’s amazing and sweet of Iroh to give up his whole title for Zuko just to help him succeed and In the end forgives Zuko for all his mistakes and the horrible things he has done. Even when he was locked in prison