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I’m so down with Taeyang and his sorry apologies. How many times has he done crap like this? He has black friends and so many black fans, why would he ever think something like that was ok? At this point I just expect him (and GD as well) to do black face and appropriate black culture. It no longer surprises me.


Well well..Where do i even start?? If you guys are on Instagram then you know damn well about the Whole G-D posts on Orlando shooting and how some fan girls/boys just didn’t like the fact that GD was supporting well the LGBTIQ Community..

For those of you that have no idea about the shooting here is some quick Summary.

So that”s what happened and G-D showed his support to the Victims by uploading this photo/video on his Instagram which well caused a lot of tension.

This was Captioned with Hashtag Pray for Orlando.. But some Homophobes didn’t get the memo so there were a lot of hate comments on his insta, and  some positive ones..Which lead to GD deleting it..

Here are some of the comments,, Some people are criticizing GD for posting while others for deleting and some are just Hella cool with the whole LGBTIQ thing so yeah.

After constant Battles well our Dragon posted another version of the rainbow to still show support??

GD later posted this on his Instagram .He obviously must have read the comments and this is GD’s answer to all Homophobes...Hate Less ..More Love

And this is where my opinions come in..

First of all GD is really brave to even post this on his instagram..Especially in a place with Bias and Stereotypes against the LGBTQ community..I personally don’t follow many Korean celebs on Instagram but GD is the only K celeb that i saw posting about this shooting..( This is not an attack i’m just asking) Many K celebs did not post about this issue while they usually Post #Prayforblahblah when these sudden events happen.. SO WHY?? WHY DID THEY NOT POST PRAY FOR BLAH BLAH This time??? Because they live in a society where they will be Bashed for showing support to the lqbtiq community . ..But here is the thing we are all human and every life is worth the same regardless whether you are gay,or black or old ..Therefore GD IS REALLY BRAVE HERE.. SO PROUD OF YOU GD.

And whats this got to do with Nyongtory you might ask??

Well we all have seen Nyongtory and we cant deny that this Ship is as real as it could ever be..But they will never in this life time be able to publicly announce their relationship because well some fan girl will stop being a VIP, they will cry their eyes out..Threaten BigBang and All the stuff they do.. (Sorry Not Sorry, Because this is true).. This will therefore affect their careers because of such Narrow minded people…Therefore Whatever Happens to Nyongtory in the future we shippers should Always support our Nyongtory even if they might never come to the public..BECAUSE LOVE WINS!!! #pray for Orlando..  



Happy 28th Birthday, Jiyong! #Happy28GDay

You’ve been working so hard past year, completing BIGBANG’s album, doing sub-units with Seunghyun hyung and Youngbae, now we’re here celebrating your 28th birthday!

Time has flown so fast, last year you were celebrating with so many solo achievements and now BIGBANG keeps topping the charts every month since May. I’m really happy that BIGBANG is doing really well, and all your hard work this past year is paying off.

With tours and endless schedule for BIGBANG until next year, you seem really tired, after recording you need to get to the airport and then do a concert in another country. I worry a lot about your health, but I believe in you, I know you know your limit, and I know that this is what you’re working hard for.

I just want you to be happy, no matter what. I’ll always emphasize this because you being happy is the most important thing to me.

Watching you working hard for years, I’m always so proud of you, and you deserve so much happiness. You make people happy with the music you made, the laughter you shared, the moments you made us experience. I hope we bring joy to you and you’ll feel our love. Even when they’re not enough, I hope at least they’re not bringing any negative feeling instead.

You’re such a lovely and beautiful person, Jiyong. I hope you know that and I wish you all the good things in the world. Happy birthday once again. Let’s go through your 28th and make it a wonderful one. I love you, we all love you!♥