It's amazing how God uses our circumstances to help others.

I just spoke with a young lady (22 years old) who was recently diagnosed with sarcoma in her left tibia bone (the same place as mine). She recently had a biopsy and y'all I wanted to cry when she described the pain she felt from it because it’s literally the worst pain I’ve ever experienced IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I was heavily drugged but I was awake throughout the procedure so I vividly remember them HAMMERING 🔨 a needle in my knee where the “🎾” size tumor lived. Anyway, she’s getting surgery soon and had so many questions. I feel fortunate to be in a position where I can provide answers/guidance to someone going through a similar situation. Especially since I remember being 22 years old, scared and searching for answers. Now here I am 3 years later with 2 surgeries and 1 year of chemo under my belt and I’m still pushing. God is so good! 🙌🏾🎗💜

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Let’s talk about Sweep for a bit.

Sweep is a janitor in the Functionist universe, working within the cog sweeping the floors. And he did something that no one within the Cog or within the upper echelons of the Functionist rule. He found a solution to a problem they had been faced with for the last two million years.

He figured out Rung’s altmode.

Which is a great feat. He wouldn’t have received any education on the subject, he would know only what he is supposed to know, how to clean up.

We wouldn’t expect a janitor of a hospital to know how to do surgery, or even how to administer CPR. So we wouldn’t expect Sweep to know the intricacies of the Functionism or have the proper education to identify them.

But a janitor would know terminology. A janitor at a hospital would pick up the lingo, would know what codes would mean, he would know the staff and interpersonal relations.

Sweep would have the same “basics” but in Functionism. He would know how the politics would work in very generalized sense. He would know where things are, he would know how things work in a very broad sense.

And he would have a different perspective.

Everyone knows what the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy is. The Cog would know that they change it when alt-mode went extinct. That is what they think of the GCT, a directory that needs to be changed, a tool to be used.

Something that doesn’t even register with them as something worth a second look. But for Sweep it was.

What if, in the origional GCT, Rung’s altmode is there? Classified, identified. With something other than “Ornament” as its function?

Rung existed before the Functionists came to power pre-war, so it isn’t like he was formed during that era, always a puzzle for everyone and is the last of Nightbeat’s Big Three, which included the disappearance of the first Ark and the mystery of Luna-1.

But if his altmode was classified in the GCT, what happened to it’s listing?

If Rung’s altmode is so dangerous to the Functionists in the Functionist Universe, who is to say that it wasn’t dangerous to the then ruling power of Cybertron at some point? What if the first tampering of the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy wasn’t to erase an extinct altmode, but to prevent something? To forget something dangerous, so dangerous that making sure no records of it exists is protect them and perhaps protect the whole of Cybertron or even the entire world.

And time passes, Cybertronians are born and they die in the meanwhile and eventually it comes to the point where no one knows. Until a low-ranking Janitor suggests to look at the first version of the Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy.