As the Grand Central 100th anniversary date gets closer and closer (just 2 weeks away!), AFT will feature some of the grand artwork located in or around GCT. Today, we are happy to present the first of two new posters commissioned for the Centennial. Pop Chart Lab created the beautiful Constellations, which celebrates Grand Central Terminal’s centerpiece, the famous four-sided clock set under a grand vaulted celestial canopy of stars. A beloved meeting place for generations of friends, family and strangers; the clock not only affords a good view of the stunning ceiling but also serves as the site for countless beginnings and endings of life’s journeys. The artist actually witnessed a man proposing to his future wife and included them this piece! Look out for it in this new work in subway stations throughout the city or pick one up for yourself at here.


The Grand Central Centennial is just days away! If you are planning on visiting for the celebrations on Friday (or any day for that matter!) take a minute to check out the stunning Sirshasana, by artist Donald Lipski. This sculptural chandelier was created in the shape of a golden-rooted olive tree suspended above the Grand Central Market near Lexington Ave and 43rd Street. Made from aluminum and polyester resin with branches that span twenty-five feet, the tree is covered with 5,000 brilliant crystal pendants that glitter in the morning sunlight. The piece elevates the space, bringing the feel of an outdoor market inside. Lipski drew upon Hindu and Greek lore as an inspiration for this work. “To the ancient Greeks the olive tree symbolized freedom and purity,” he explains. “And the name Sirshasana refers to a yoga headstand posture - the inverted tree…” In addition to alluding to the famous, historic chandeliers found throughout Grand Central, Lipski’s olive tree is a comment on the allure of the exotic and tempting wares sold in the Grand Central market place. Certainly worth taking a look… or better yet a picture!

Above: Donald Lipski, Sirshasana, 1998.