ICoS Chat

The group chat will be on the app Kakaotalk (it’s free). Why? Because it’s free, tumblr doesn’t allow gc, and it does not require me to know your personal info other than your username.

1. Create the an account with kakao. Preferably use the username that’s associated with the tumblr account you reblog ICoS stuffs.

2. Send me your username so I can add you to the group chat. And you are done.

kakao is available on computers also

Hey everyone! Sone  (@lesterrr) and I want to create a network for fellow phandom members!

if you hate like Dan and Phil and appreciate the golden age of 2009,               this place is for you!

⁂ 2009 Squad ⁂

cool perks of being a member:

  • internet friendos
  • cool convos in the group chat                                                                   
  • people who reblog your stuff                                                                     
  • memes                                                                                                       
  • more memes                                                                                              
  • Dan and Phil

or to put it short: 


how can i be a part of the squad? you may ask. 


  1. follow the net blog  (@2009squad) and the admins, @rebloggingphan + @lesterrr
  2. reblog this post
  3. fill out the application here 

we will be picking the members on the 20th of September, until then you have plenty of time to apply ;) ( about 15 ppl will be chosen just so you know)

if you have any questions feel free to ask us on the net blog / our main blogs!

-Lisa and Sone

‘I hope many cool people apply’                                                        - Lisa to Sone, August 27th 2016

Let’s face it, we all have internet/real life friends like the TOME gang (Terrain of Magical Expertise by Christopher Niosi/ @kirbopher check it out on YouTube).

The Alpha: The shy, nice one that encourages others and worries about them even if they’re on the other side of the planet. (Protect the cinnamon roll at all costs)

The Flamegirl: The confident one that likes all their goofy weird friends despite their weirdness. (Sometimes also likes to take part in the weirdness themself!)

The Nylocke: The one that just LOVES to have fun with their friends online and just wants everybody to have a good ol’ time! (But of course, they have some things they, don’t necessary like to talk about on their end)

The Kirbopher: The one that always looks for a fight, it doesn’t matter where they are FIGHT ME IRL!!! (Nobody can really take them seriously)

The Gamecrazed: The one that doesn’t talk a lot, but still cares for their friends, sticking up for them from time to time. (Prefers to keep things to themselves to not worry their friends).

(Bonus points if you reblog this post with who you are and who your squad is)