Australian Bank Turns ATMs Into Colorful ‘GAYTMs’ To Support LGBT Parade.

Introducing the ‘GAYTM’, ANZ Bank’s answer to supporting diversity and equality for the duration of Sydney’s world famous Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. ANZ commissioned artists to transform ten of the bank’s ATMs around Sydney into GAYTMs and the end result is a spectacular array of colours, patterns and sequins …


Some comics I drew in relation to recent queer events here in Aotearoa.

A trans woman had her arm broken at the auckland pride parade by security while protesting against the police inclusion and the treatment of trans people in our prisons. The response from much of the apparent community has been to scold her for being out of line or accuse her of being violent etc. Victim blaming bullshit. More generally the people protesting have been officially denounced by the parade organisers because pride parades are totally not about politics and totally not the time to bring up problems queer/LGBTIA people face.

The other thing is one of the banks painting their ATMs as ‘gayTMs’, which is roughly the same as them saying the bank can’t be homophobic because it has gay friends. It is partly support from companies like this that have made organisers of events like the pride parade afraid to bring any politics or dispute into them. White cis boy faggots who do as their told and don’t complain mean that money keeps coming in to celebrate how great it is that those same boys can now marry (while trans women of colour get broken arms). A group of protestors have been throwing pink paint on the gayTMs in opposition of the lip service and commercialisation.

That got longer than I wanted but should give a rough context for people not here. Let me know if I have got things wrong and I’ll emend them.

Omg someone threw pink paint bombs at ANZ in New Zealand because of the GayTMs. This is all the reasons I hate those weeeeh capitalism weeeeh people. Srsly we’ve been fighting for centuries against jail and torture and death and there are still legit companies in NZ that support this but you choose to paint bomb ANZ because they supported LGBT people in a way the communist party wouldn’t like? Goddamn it might be hard to believe but most queers haven’t read the Communist Manifesto and probably have no intention to (mostly because it’s a sexist/homophobic lump of shit that should remain in the last century) plz keep your ideologies separate from our sexualities.



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Cannes 2014: caixas eletrônicos gays ganham GP em Outdoor

Renato Pezzotti

A Whybin\TBWA de Melbourne, da Australia, levou o Grand Prix de Outdoor no Cannes Lions 2014. A ação para comunicar o patrocínio do ANZ Bank à principal parada GLBT australiana transformou os ATMs (caixas eletrônicos) do banco em GAYTMS. :)

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Día 2 de Cannes 2014: los Grand Prix de Media, Mobile y Outdoor #canneslions #publicidad

Seguimos para bingo. Recién saliditos del horno están los grandes premios de Media, Mobile y Outdoor del festival de Cannes.


GAYTMs are my new fave thing. 

Thank god for Mardi Gras. 


ANZ turning ATMs into GAYTMs for Sydney Mardigras. 
Hilarious and brilliant!  

UK Banking Group Launches ‘GAYTMs’ For London Pride: VIDEO

UK Banking Group Launches ‘GAYTMs’ For London Pride: VIDEO

Britain’s Lloyds Banking Group has launched ‘GAYTMs’ in support of Pride, reports Pink News. I love the #Halifax #gAyTM on #Marylebone High Street. Thanks guys! #Pride #London #InstaTwit — sMARTY (@sarky_marty) June 27, 2015 Fiona Cannon OBE, Group Director of Diversity & inclusion at Lloyds Banking Group said: “As a Group, we’re passionate about ensuring our…

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