Today, I was at burger king with my cousin, we were ordering our burgers when two people sitting on a table caught my attention. They were two men, sitting across each other and holding hands. Smiling and talking, as they had both finished their meals. They were honestly adorable, the way they looked at each other was lovely and so full of love. I couldn’t resist but to smile!

It made me really happy to see these brave men being proud of who they are and what they like. My smile soon vanished when I noticed that people around them were glaring and staring at them. Why? Why couldn’t they let the couple have a nice time?

One my friends (she’s 11) noticed my discomfort and asked me what it was about. We were surrounded by people and it was almost our turn, so I told her I’d tell her once we sat down, she nodded and asked for our food.

Once our food was ready, we were looking for a table and found one next to the table the couple were sitting on. We sat down and began eating. I was ready to talk about it when my cousin (the same one that had asked what was wrong) looked to her right, stared and made a face. She looked disgusted. 

When I looked. The couple were kissing, that was it. Just a short kiss. 

“Disgusting freaks” She whispered. And I was really angry at this point. Just when I was about to say something. She dropped her phone on the floor by accident, and when she reached out for it. She realized that the man had bent down to pick up the phone and give it to her

“Don’t touch it you dirty scum!” She yelled. Infront of everyone. 

The man was shocked, and he looked really hurt. His partner looked furious, like he was about to snap, but the other man just shook his head at him and got up, as if ready to leave. 

“Wait” I said “Please, do not leave. This is a public area, you have just as much right to be here as I or anyone else does. You were kind enough to bent down for the phone, and the real "dirty scum” here was enough of a bitch and a horrible human being to reject the help from a nice stranger just because of his sexual orientation" I then pointed at my cousin “And you? You want to be a fashion designer? Well If you’re going to glare and say disgusting words each time you see a gay man you are not gonna get anywhere in that career. So sad that such a pretty girl is so disgusting. I then got up, and offered the couple to buy them an icecream each. They gladly accepted my offer, and we ate our ice cream together. They kept thanking me the whole night (my cousin left crying and embarrased by the way) and telling me i was a wonderful person 

"This doesn’t make me wonderful, this makes me human”

Know, that all humans are equal, the only thing that “goes against nature” is judging and hating on others basing ourselves on their sexual orientation. The only “freaks and sinners” are the ones who hurt others and don’t allow them to have a happy life

Love and respect each other, people.