My first ever spell jar!

A Basic Home Protection jar

In order from top to bottom:

  1. Crushed Egg Shells- to protect and allow growth within
  2. Salt- to absorb negative energy
  3. Black Pepper- to protect and banish negativity
  4. Garlic Powder- to protect and strengthen
  5. Basil- to protect and keep peace
  6. Crushed Egg Shells- to protect and allow growth within

Each ingredient is given intent before added to the jar, and then sealed off with a white candle to exorcise negativity, and to promote peace and protection. I did the wax sealing by lighting a long candle, and letting it drip wax onto the lid (I had the jar sitting on a paper plate to avoid a mess), and then I let it sit until the wax cooled. 

I wanted my first spell jar to be something to protect my home and those that I love within, and after researching I found that the basic protection based ingredients could be found within my kitchen cabinet! 

*Side note: The crushed egg shells can be added to a garden or potted plant as a natural fertilizer to help promote growth!