This is better than any ASMR video on the internet

Inspired by this Game Grumps mashup:

Just imagine a late night patrol, and Marinette and Adrien haven’t had any sleep in, like, a day and a half, because of everything going on in their lives. “Patrol” turns into the two heroes sitting on a rooftop, just sleepily mumbling to each other with little to no filter. Any identity-revealing information blends in perfectly with the rest of the delirious dribble coming from both of them.

Now imagine they both get some much needed sleep. When they wake up, they’re left wondering what the hell their partner was talking about, and whether any of it was real or if it was all sleep-deprived nonsense, or if they even remember the whole exchange.

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Dan sings an intro song for Mighty Magiswords a Cartoon Network show. Followed with Arins voice.

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Remake of one of my older Game Grumps Animations. Youtube doubler in the description.


This is a WIP, as of right now I do not have the time to finish it, but i wanted to at least get my idea out

maybe someday I’ll be able to finish and clean it up

Audio from this episode:

i’m back!

hello friends! finally i have fully returned to tumblr, the youtube community and just internet in general. i’m back home, and while i’m sad that i’m not with my boyfriend anymore, i am feeling a lot better and i’m looking forward to seeing him the next time!

now, i do need your guys’ help regarding some things. seeing as how i’ve missed 2 months worth of jack’s, mark’s and game grumps’ content, i would greatly appreciate it if you could update me on some stuff!

just let me know if there were any SUPER important JACKSEPTICEYE videos, or like, videos that created a lot of memes/inside jokes or whatever, that i should watch. with university now starting, it’s practically impossible for me to watch all the videos from the past two months. but i would like to just watch a few that might’ve been important or really interesting! (last video i watched was “TRAPPED UNDERGROUND | Vacate The Room”) also, if jack has started a new series recently (recently being in the last week), let me know so i can catch up on it and actually watch it from now on!

as for mark’s videos - i basically only watch his horror videos. so if he has played any horror games since 15th of July, please let me know! (also i’ll watch his subnautica videos, ‘cause i love them and they’re in a playlist so i can easily find them ^^)

aaaand finally, as for game grumps - i only watch Arin&Dan videos, so either GG VS, or regular GG. i’ll probably end up watching all of their SMM videos, ‘cause i really enjoy them, but if there were any other interesting or funny ones, lemme know!

also you can update me on any happenings that took place in the last two months, since i basically missed out on absolutely everything ^^’


confessions will be returning to their old, regular schedule - they’ll be open every wednesday, and i’ll always make a post about it once i open them. c: