Yuri on Ice interview translation - CREA 2017/03 (p32-33)

This is the full interview with Mitsurou Kubo published on CREA. I actually wanted to translate all the YOI interviews together but some translations going around urged me to post this one before the others, as I wouldn’t be able to finish everything tonight.

It’s not really an interview, it’s more like a partial interview and a short commentary of each episode.

The other 4 short interviews are with Kenji Miyamoto (choreographer), Eiji Abiko & Junpei Tatenaka (figure skating animators), Yuuko Sagiri (original costume designer), Keisuke Tominaga (music producer). I will try to post them tomorrow night if I can finish them.

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The reality as expressed by 5 people who created “Yuri on Ice”

Reality #1: Story x Mitsurou Kubo

“The reality of emotions” is what Kubo-san gave most importance to when she created the manga storyboard for this series. “Simply listing up the contents of the skaters’ programs and their score and connecting them together is not going to create something emotional. In my storyboard I tried to convey the feelings of all athletes, not just Yuuri, with their performances, to express them carefully, so that other skaters who watch them will in turn be influenced by them like in a chain reaction.”
An important tool to express those feelings are the monologues that can be heard during the programs, blended in harmony with the performance.
“Watching the footage of the choreographies by Kenji Miyamoto-sensei I realized that, even though he simply created them based on the songs, in many cases they perfectly match the athlete’s feelings too. I was so moved and thought that Kenji-sensei is an amazing person.”
As the series is pursuing reality, it does not contain any unrealistic techniques.
“If we had included something over-the-top people would have just said ‘that’s unreal’, so I thought that it was better to just go a little ahead of reality, and consulted with many people to decide the difficulty of the techniques to use. However, shortly thereafter real life skaters actually surpassed that level, which really surprised me. We did decide the level knowing that it would be surpassed one day, but we didn’t think it would happen so soon!”
The writer Mitsurou Kubo also needed a lot of courage to portray Yuuri determined to win for love.
“On the ice rink you can express anything, and that’s why, even if I had never thought about what true love is or represented it before, I decided to try my hand at openly depicting love as fiction. As a result, I myself was encouraged by the story I wrote and felt that I could make a fresh start after that.”

“I ended up being encouraged by the story about love that I openly portrayed as fiction.”

Highlights of every episode by Mitsurou Kubo

#1 Nan no Piroshiki!! Namida no Grand Prix Final
“I want you to watch the best figure skating animation”
Before the series was broadcasted I was worried, because normally original anime not based on a previous work and airing late at night take a long time to catch the viewers’ attention. However, my fear was swept away by the extraordinary skating scenes of the first episode, and the show gained a good reputation right away. Stunning images can provide the best promotion.

#2 Futari no Yuri!? Yutopia no Ran
“Figure skaters feeling more familiar”
This part is set during the off-season in Yuuri’s hometown. If we had showed special people battling each other in a faraway place from the very start the viewers would never have felt close to them, therefore I decided to start the story with the Russians, Victor and Yurio, spending time in the onsen of the castle town Hasetsu, eating katsudon and spreading news via the SNS, so that they would feel more familiar to the audience.

#3 Boku ga Eros de Eros ga Boku de!? Taiketsu! Onsen on ICE
“You can feel the growth of Yuuri and Yurio”
Once the Grand Prix series starts no one can afford to lose anymore, so I created this provisional match between Yuuri and Yurio to emphasize their relationship as rivals but also as comrades. I also wanted to show that a competitive program is progressively brushed up during the season based on each athlete’s pace. Originally I also thought of showing Yurio’s mother rushing to the scene.

#4 Jibun wo Suki ni Natte… Kansei!! Free Program
“Yuuri and Victor gradually become closer”
In the process of completing the free skating program Yuuri and Victor become closer to each other, both as coach and student and as equals. Yuuri’s gesture of poking the top of Victor’s head has no logical meaning. I think it symbolizes how Yuuri, acting on an impulse, breaks his own shell and steps into the territory of the person that previously was only considered a living legend.

#5 Kao Makka!! Shosen Da yo! Chuu-shikoku-kyuushuu Senshuken Taikai
“Check out the relationship between seniors and juniors”
Minami-kun, a skater that looks up to Yuuri, appears in this episode. I really like the scene where Yuuri, finally becoming aware that he is going to lead the current generation of Japanese skaters, silently hits Minami-kun’s back. As in the scene where he pokes Victor’s head, once again Yuuri uses a physical action, instead of logic or words, to try to communicate something. When it’s animated it looks really awesome.

#6 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai SP
“Check out Chris’ sexiness”
The tournament starts and many fascinating athletes make their appearances, but this episode is also an occasion to fully enjoy the charm of Chris’ ass. After watching Kenji-sensei’s choreography I decided to draw a beautiful ass in my storyboard, then its charm was further emphasized in the animation, and finally thanks to the voice actor’s absolutely sexy voice we could obtain the best ass animation ever.

#7 Kaimaku Grand Prix Series Yacchaina!! Chuugoku Taikai FS
“An FSP where Yuuri and Victor overcome their fears”
Yuuri and Victor were both anxious before the FS, and I feel that the strongly emotional scenes following that were represented in a very effective way. Regarding the last scene, I started receiving lots of questions from overseas, asking “Did Yuuri and Victor hug? Or was it a kiss?” and that’s when I realized how much the anime’s popularity had spread worldwide.

#8 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai SP
“JJ’s striking appearance is a must see”
This episode is where Jean-Jacques Leroy, aka JJ, one of the most likely candidates to win the gold medal, appears. What is scary about JJ is that he has the ability to paint any story in JJ color, overshadowing even the protagonist. Mamoru Miyano-san, the one who played his role, managed to take JJ to the next level with his natural personality and made him all the more convincing.

#9 Yuuri VS Yuri Osoroshia!! Russia Taikai FS
“When the absence of an important person makes you grow”
This episode is where Yuuri grows after fighting without Victor next to him. When we went location hunting at the Fukuoka airport there was a glassed-in corridor close to the arrival lobby, and as the director saw it she excitedly said “Yuuri and Victor are going to run side by side separated by the glass!”. I was like “they definitely are!”, and we started taking heaps of pictures. The airport is currently being remodeled and it’s not possible to recreate the scene.

#10 Chou Ganbaranba! Grand Prix Final Chokuzen Special
“Ordinary life episode the night before the last fight”
As the last part depicting ordinary life before the Grand Prix Final, I wanted to create a relaxing episode without skating scenes while at the same time introducing the athletes, but in the end so many things happened in it that no one could relax and I was told that even animating it was a pain. The ring Yuuri gave Victor also carries the meaning of a symbol that the two of them are like soul mates.

#11 Chou Chou Ganbaranba!! Grand Prix Final SP
“The speed leading to the last episode is impressive to watch”
The OP footage, that was gradually changed from episode 1 by adding colors, is finally complete. I was happy that we could welcome as voice actors Ken Gamada-san, who actually works as an MC in tournaments and ice shows, and Nobunari Oda-san as himself doing the commentary. With the pace of the story speeding up toward the finale, this episode was just chaos.

#12 Chou Chou Chou Ganbaranba!!! Grand Prix Final FS
“A final episode where you can catch a glimpse of everyone’s future”
Including Stéphane Lambiel-san’s debut as an anime seiyuu, which is something no one could have expected, the chaotic mixup of anime and reality reaches a climax in this episode. Beside the sense of fulfillment for the victory, I think that the contents also let you catch a glimpse of each character’s future. I was about to faint looking at the beauty of Victor’s tears.

Final note (this is just my opinion, it’s not part of the translation): There is a translation going around where the line about soul mates is translated as “proof”, but actually the word 証 (akashi) can have many different meanings, among which symbol/mark/token/proof/sign etc. In this case, I personally do not think it means “proof” (also to be honest when it’s “proof” usually they write it as 証拠 shouko). It’s more like symbol/token, as in “it’s meant to symbolize Yuuri and Victor’s deep bond that goes beyond a normal relationship”. Although the difference is only subtle, I still think it’s not the same. Also please understand that the Japanese word “soul mate” does not have the meaning that is used in fanfiction… I believe it’s actually the same in English too, but in normal conversation it means “two people that have a strong spiritual/emotional bond (that makes them suited for each other, be it either as friends or lovers)”, not “two people who were destined to be together from their previous life”. That is something you are free to imagine or fantasize about, however please do not twist the creators’ words just to fit people’s headcanons…

P.S.: And please do not misunderstand me. I love Victuuri, but I prefer to draw a line between canon and fanon, and I don’t really like it when words by the creators are “adapted” to accomodate people’s shipping ideas. I think what she says is deep enough even without mistranslating it anyway…


Max at the parade in 2016.

Via: samanthasambanks on IG.

Go read the story of the encounter. It’s so much fun. There’s tongue kisses (I think), hands down his pants, and an invitation to go to a party and a night club to celebrate the shoot.

The original caption is under the cut. If someone can translate the caption properly for me, I’ll be forever grateful.

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Mais frases ↪️ aqui

The occult esoteric current All the rituality of the Third Reich comes from the esoteric currents of Europe lost in the forgetfulness of the past. These currents have determined practically all the protocol ritual, the symbols and even the architecture of the German Third Reich. Thus we find a multitude of esoteric signs such as: - the greeting “Heil” (from the rune of victory); black uniforms; the Gamada or Swastika Cross; -the Gralsburg (Gral or Grail Castle) of Hitler; -the National Socialist expeditions to Asia in search of lost kingdoms; - the Order of Thule, origin of the NSDAP (Nazi Party); -the secret belonging and initiation of Rudolph Hess; -the influence of the wise Hans Hörbigger and the doctrine of “The eternal fight of fire and ice”; Wagner’s mythology; -the analogies with the orders Teutonas, Maniqueos, Gnostics, Cathars … etc. It can be said that the National Socialist phenomenon was the sudden crossing between old and old esoteric and pagan-hyperboric traditions. The same Adolf Hitler is circumscribed from his own birth to a series of events of esoteric and hermetic order. It is born in a month of Venus, in April 1889, the 20th, at 6:30 in the afternoon, in Braunau, on the Austro-German border, a place famous for being a locality then populated by a large number of mediums and spiritualists recognized, such as the Schneider brothers. The Venusian Legend tells us that “before all things existed, the forces of Prince Lucifer were met in heaven against those of the impostor Jehovah in a cosmic contest. Lucifer will henceforth be the "fallen angel”, taking refuge in the north pole, which today is the south pole or Antarctic by the inversion of the earth in remote times. There he will live “trapped” in the Inner World, in “hell” and with him will march his loyal hosts and will unleash a cosmic recurrence that will be repeated in the rounds of the Eternal Return until he regains the throne that by its nature belongs to him, expelling the Impostor. From the extraordinary war of the Hindu Maharbarata to the Second World War, the echoes of this primordial war are repeated in history, where impostor forces momentarily triumph, turning the loyalists into dark beings and condemning them to the shadows ; making them “demons”, leading them to the same torment of Wotan in Iggdrasil or Irmisul, the Golden Encina, the “Tree of the Amazement” of the Sternsteine, destroyed by Charlemagne. Since then, many sects will appear in the spiral unleashed by this cosmic struggle: esoteric groupings and bearers of “knowledge not known.” Among them, the Manichaean tradition speaks of the struggle between Good (light: consciousness) and Evil (darkness: consciousness subject to report matter and the continuous disturbance and enslavement of animal instincts and senses). After the war, the primitive men succumbed to the darkness, being captured in them, giving place to the present man. This man is a victim of his own vices and degenerations, which, while they eagerly attract him, subjugate him, enslave him and bind him in suffering, ignorance, and an ever-increasing physical-mental and spiritual degeneration. This being can only be liberated by initiation and knowledge.

dyliasbn  asked:

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A aposta-Capitulo 1

Ah a faculdade,eu realmente não entendo porque será que é tão importante para os nossos pais que se formemos em algo que lhes agrada? pois é,eu também não sei e é por isso que eu não faço medicina,sonho de consumo do meu pai,o famoso doutor Sergio Mesquita.

Sérgio: Veterinária Vanessa?(inconformado)

Van:O que é que tem pai? é uma medicina não é?

Sérgio:Isso muda toda uma tradição que a família mantém,você está ciente disso?

Van:Pai,eu acho interessante fazermos o que gostamos,ou não?

Sérgio: Mesmo que isso tenha que passar por cima das tradições familiares..(negando com a cabeça)

Van:Pai,da mesma forma que a medicina é uma paixão sua,os bichinhos são uma paixão minha.

Sérgio: Tudo bem,eu pago a sua faculdade,mas você tem que me prometer quem não vai mais se envolver em confusão com essa história de ativismo.

Van:Eu prometo pai.

E foi assim que eu consegui me livrar de ser uma médica frustrada por fazer algo sem vontade,eu estava no segundo semestre da minha faculdade,e diferente do que meu pai falava eu estava adorando o curso que escolhi.

Durantes esses meses na faculdade,fiz alguns amigos,outros eu já conhecia da escola,inimigos? não tinha muitos,alguns nem sabiam que eram meus inimigos,apenas a existência me desconfortava,mas uma que me incomodava em especial,Clara Aguilar.

Clara:Oi,oi gente!

Angela:Bom dia Clarinha.

Fabian:Uma flor linda,para uma mais linda ainda.

Clara:Bom dia Fabian.(sorrindo leve)

Angela:E ai Clara,sumiu ontem amiga.

Clara;Ah fui fazer um resgate quase não acordo hoje,mas graças a Deus,deu tudo certo.

Fabian:Eu realmente não entendo qual a graça que você acha nisso.

Clara:Graça nenhuma,resgate é coisa séria,lidamos com vidas Fabian.(séria)

Fabian:São só bichos Clara,cachorro,gatos…disso o mundo tá cheio.

Clara:E de gente com pensamentos ridículos assim,também.

Fabian:Calma pequena.(rindo) não falo mais.

Clara:É melhor,se é pra abrir a boca e falar porcaria,não fala.

Angela: Alguém viu a May?(mudando o assunto)

Clara:Deve tá com a prima da caminhoneira.(revirando os olhos)

Angela:hum,apaixonou hein.

Clara:Pois é,e esqueceu de nós.

( do outro lado)

Junior:Cheguei..(batendo na mesa)

Van:Ai que susto Junior.(com a mão no coração) qual seu problema?

Junior:Meu problema é te amar demais.(rindo)

Van:Seu problema é ser idiota.(irônica)

Junior:E ai,tá fazendo o que aqui sozinha?

Van:To esperando as meninas,falando nisso,sabe da Thais?

Junior:Pelo o que eu entendi foi viajar com a loira lá.

Van:A prima da who?(surpresa)

Junior:A própria,parece que nossa pequena notável está apaixonada.

Van:Tinha que ser por uma Aguilar?(fazendo careta)

Junior:Ah para de implicar vai…(olhando para a mesa onde estava Clara)

Junior era um dos amigos que fiz nesse tempo na faculdade,era um cara bem humorado,bonito e um tremendo palhaço,supria um amor incondicional pela Angela mas nunca teve coragem de chegar nela,falando nela,era uma das poucas naquele grupinho de riquinhos almofadinhas que se salvava.

Van:Toma ai.(jogando um lenço) quer um balde?

Junior:Ah se meu dinheiro desse.(pensativo)

Van:Já te falei que você devia chegar nela.

Junior:Muito fácil dizer isso,olha pra mim Vanessa,sou um pobre coitado.

Van:e dinheiro é qualidade desde quando?

Junior:Pra ela é,não vê com quem ela namora.

Van:Ela não namora com ele,eles ficam e ele sempre tá tratando ela mal.

Junior:Mas entre eu e ele você ainda tem duvidas de quem ela escolheria?(arqueando as sobrancelhas)

Van:Ah não sei não,a Angel não é igual a amiga dela,ridícula.

Thais:Oi pessoas…(sorrindo)

Junior:Olha quem chegou,senta ai Thata.

Van:E toda sorridente,pelo jeito o fim de semana foi bom.(rindo)

Junior:Com uma loira daquelas tem como algum dia ser ruim?

Thais:Cala boca Junior.(lhe dando um pedala) mas você tem razão,ela é maravilhosa.

Van:ihhh,tá apaixonada.(rindo) mas então já é namoro?

Thais:Não,por enquanto estamos nos conhecendo.

Junior:Ja vi essa história antes.(rindo) 

Pepa:Bom dia…(cumprimentando a todos) Thais,milagre te ver por aqui,sumiu o findi todo.

Junior:Ela tava com a Mayra.(comendo)

Van:É quase um namoro.(rindo)

Thais:Aff,vocês são dois língua grande.

Pepa:Relaxa Thata,segredo eu sei guardar,só não sei se vai ser uma boa isso cair no ouvido da Ari.

Van:A gente nada a ver,a Thais tem o direito de escolher o que fazer da vida.

Junior:Até porque elas não eram casadas…

Pepa:mas viviam uma vida assim,até morar junto elas já moraram.

Thais:Oi…(levantando os braços) eu to aqui tá legal?

Pepa:Não quero me intrometer na sua vida Thata mas…

Thais:Eu entendi Pe,mas podem ficar tranquilos que a minha história com a Ari está mais que resolvido.

(Na outra mesa)

Clara:Que foi Angel?(seguindo seu olhar) você sabia.

Angela:Ela podia me respeitar um pouco.(magoada) a gente saiu ontem poxa.

Clara:Homem não presta mesmo.(revirando os olhos)

Fabian:Hei…(ofendido) eu to aqui Clara,eu nunca faria isso com você.

Clara:Ja ouvi essa ouvi isso antes…(revirando os olhos)

Fabian:Aquilo lá foi fraqueza.(sorrindo amarelo)

Angela:Pior de tudo é gostar de uma pessoa e ela…(suspirando)

Fabian:Também Angel,você precisa ceder,o Marcelo não gosta de viver contos de fada.

Clara:E só por isso ele tem que ser um canalha?(arqueando as sobrancelhas)

Fabian:Mas ela sempre soube que ele era pegador.

Clara:Pegador não,babaca.

(na outra mesa)

Junior:Nossa que cara babaca mano.(irritado) como ele pode fazer isso com ela?

Van:Ah mas ela sabe que ele é assim,sai com ele ainda porque é trouxa.

Thais:Não é ser trouxa,é ser apaixonada.


Junior:Olha a Thata,defendendo a classe de mulher apaixonada.(rindo)

Van:Quem diria.(rindo junto) tá gamada mesmo.

Thais:Vão plantar batata no asfalto pra ver se nasce.(se levantando) agora com licença.

Van:Olha lá tá vendo Ju? a mulher chama ela vai correndo.

Junior:Corre Thata,senão apanha.(rindo)

Thais:Idiotas.(sem graça) da licença!

Van:Ju…(olhando em volta) sabadão tá de pé certo?

Junior:Não sei Van…você sabe que é perigoso.

Van:A qual foi? vai dá pra trás?

Junior:Não é isso cara…não posso ter confusões em meu currículo Van,sou bolsista você sabe.

Van:Você só vai vigiar,não pega nada. 

Junior:Olha você sabe que aquele lugar..(olhando para os lados) é propriedade privada,podemos ser presos.(cochichando)

Van:Você tem razão…(pensativa) tudo bem Ju,eu vou sozinha.

Junior:Claro que não.(revirando os olhos) a verdade é que você não deveria ir,vamos para a aula e depois conversamos disso!

Van:Ok,mas óh,não comenta com ninguém,as meninas vão pesar na minha…

Junior:Seria bom,quem sabe elas você ouve.(parando em frente a sua sala) pensa direito ok?!

Van:Okay.(revirando os olhos) 

Pepa:Psiu! (lhe chamando a atenção) vai entrar?

Van:Vou né,fazer o que!

Pepa:Eu tenho uma ideia bem melhor.(Sorrindo maliciosa)

Van:Que seria?(rindo)

Pepa:Vem cá,deixa eu te mostrar.(lhe estendendo a mão)

Van:Não pode ser depois da aula?

Pepa:Sério que você prefere fazer cálculos?(fazendo careta)

Van:Eu acho que dá para esperar.(rindo)

Pepa e eu nunca tivemos nada mais sério,mas vez ou outra ficávamos,ela era a minha amiga e eu adorava a companhia dela,uma amizade colorida rsrs

Van:Você tá maluca?(rindo)

Pepa:Porque?não gosta do perigo.(rindo) vai ser rapidinho.

Van:E se alguém entrar aqui.(olhando para os lados)

Pepa:A gente fala…(tirando a blusa) que estamos fazendo,o estudo do corpo humano.

(Lá fora)

May:Acho que estou apaixonada.(com um sorriso bobo)

Clara:Cê jura?(rindo) tá estampado na sua face.

May:Tipo,ela é toda menininha né,mas ela é incrível em todos os aspectos.(sorrindo)

Clara:Eu fico feliz por você amiga,apesar dela ser prima da outra lá.(revirando os olhos) espero que te faça feliz.

May:Meu Deus quando vocês vão superar essa briguinha colegial?

Clara:Eu não me conformo como um cara fica com uma garota como eu e com uma igual a ela ao mesmo tempo,sente a diferença.

May:AI amiga,pode ficar puta…mas eu acho a Vanessa muitoo gata.

Clara:Cruzes,aquela garota é uma caminhoneira,é assim que eu a vejo.

May:Quem é a sapa aqui?(rindo)

Clara:Nossa,desculpa ai sapatão master.

May:Nossa eu to com fome,vamos lá pra lanchonete?

Clara:Vai la,e já te encontro…necessito fazer xixi.(rindo)

May:Tá,to te esperando lá.

Clara:Ahh,e nada de ficar se pegando com a caminhãozinho na minha presença.

May:Clara…(lhe dando um leve tapa)

Clara:EU to brincando.(rindo)

Pepa havia ficado louca e eu estava adorando aquela loucura,a sensação de adrenalina de alguém abrir a porta e nos pegar no flagra,o clima estava pra lá de quente,ela estava sem blusa e eu também,abri o feixo de sua calça mas de supetão….abrem a porta.


[TRANS] “Best. Absolute. Perfect“ - “Back In Time” Lyrics


[T/N: English words used in the Japanese lyrics are in italics.]

In a world where you can SWIPE away the past
Hiding your body with preset filters
You’re Beautiful so you don’t need that make up
Cause I want to love you without any embellishments
Cuz on SNS you can’t become my kisser
I can feel the closeness through the screen
But I still feel
That there’s still a distance between us, so right now Ima see ya

Lacklustre houses on the street trippin
If you can’t see anything
Then the paths we walked together
Will disappear like sand
Oh baby baby excuse me baby
You’re crazy crazy god damn crazy

We’re back in time it’s nothing like that right?

Foretell the future! Our future
Shining brightly back in time
Remember the world! The world you still can’t see
I won’t forget back in time
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

On top of this star, time attack
Enveloping everything, you can’t stop it
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

The extreme chemistry between only you and I
I won’t let anything get in the way, forever love

Don’t Complicate it, the love with you
Has an analogue flavour
Deeply & hotly, so much that it can’t be shown digitally
Aye my bae, to you I say
It can’t be conveyed through electric waves
No way, in front of my eyes
Tell you every day that I love you ah yeah

Shining bright red, lipsticks
I won’t let you look away
I see through your feelings
I feel it, so real
Oh baby baby excuse me baby
You’re crazy crazy god damn crazy

The beginning is back in time, dramatically 

Foretell the future! Our future
Shining brightly back in time
Remember the world! The world you still can’t see
I won’t forget back in time
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

On top of this star, time attack
Enveloping everything, you can’t stop it
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

The extreme chemistry between only you and I
I won’t let anything get in the way, forever love

We gon back in time
We gon back in time
Let’s go back in time
Come one come one hey
Take you back in time

Foretell the future! Our future
Shining brightly back in time
Remember the world! The world you still can’t see
I won’t forget back in time
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

On top of this star, time attack
Enveloping everything, you can’t stop it
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 0
Tic tac Tic tac Tic tac 1

The extreme chemistry between only you and I
I won’t let anything get in the way, forever love

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Eu quero conversar e ela brigar. Eu quero teimar pra ver até onde ela vai com toda essa marra e prepotência, ela quer me convencer que que sempre está totalmente certa. — E olha que eu querendo ou não a maioria das vezes ela estava mesmo. Eu quero morder, ela quer beijar. Ela quer arrepio na nuca e eu as costas arranhadas. Eu sou a brisa forte e a erva que a tranquiliza, ela é o furacão e a nicotina que me entorpece. Eu sou o gole seco de vinho e a cerveja gelada, ela é a vodca e tequila que me causam tontura. Eu sou bagunça e ela arrumação. Ela é delicada, eu sou desastrado. Eu sou o caos e ela a calmaria. Eu quero fazer SEXO, ela quer fazer AMOR. Eu sou bruto e ela dengosa. Eu vagabundo e ela preguiçosa. Ela é o maior navio que já estacionara no meu cais, eu sou só mais um cais que seu grande navio estacionará. Eu sou silêncio, ela é barulho. Ela me faz o cara mais feliz do mundo e eu a faço a menina mais amada do universo, sem querer me gabar por isso brô, mas é que não tem nada melhor que ver a mina que tu gosta gamada em tu. Eu via defeitos em todas as outras pessoas, não por esteriótipos e nem nada, mas sim pelos seres interiores, ninguém é por dentro a mesma coisa que é por fora. Mas cara, ela é deslumbrante e simplesmente perfeita pra mim. Sabe o que é foda? Foda é a gente se desejar e termos que fazer exatamente tudo escondido, mas vamos considerar que escondido é bem mais gostoso brô. Ela sai tão cedo, me trocaria até pelos seus inúmeros livros guardados dentro da sua enorme estante que vai até o teto. Ela tira o meu sono, mano, qual é? Nunca nenhuma garota me deixou assim, talvez ela não seja só mais uma mas sim a única da minha vida.
—  Por onde eu ando, procuro te encontrar.
Demora pra me responder, que eu demoro o dobro, não vem achando que fico gamada em quem me esnoba que comigo não é assim não meu bem