Some modern au leokumi for your soul. You might be asking is that a pineapple hoodie that takumi is wearing?My answer to you would be maybe , maybe it is.

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Gaaaaaaaaay so gay i mean how gay are you i mean the rainbow might as well have been painted on your face because damn thats gay

this message made me break both my legs and beat myself with them
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
Josh Washington pines electric.

animal - neon trees // strange attractor - animal kingdom // needing/getting - ok go // i wanna be your boyfriend - discovery // beta love - ra ra riot // five foot ten (I) - passion pit // i wanna get better - bleachers // big blue wave - hey ocean! // colors - halsey // brand new colony - the postal service // soap - melanie martinez // i don’t want to see it - aquilo // is there somewhere - halsey