It’s My Little Monday!
With…Fluffy Hair Valentines Version G3 Pinkie Pie!
I found this “Special Valentines Edition” G3 Pinkie Pie at a flea market. Her hair was horribly frizzed and cut. While this version is less common than the zillions of G3 Pinkies that exist…she still would never sell as a regular re-hair. So…after complaining a zillion times about “too many Pinkies”…well then here comes yet another one.
She got 3 colors of new fluffy yarn hair, with the purple to go with her scribble-fun hearts. Notice that they also changed her balloons into heart shapes too, for this edition. She also got a strand of pink glass pearls for her mane & tail, plus pink & lavender ribbons. She’s now a top fave among the fluffy-hairs, and is just this super pastel aesthetic…moreso than anything I’ve ever created in the past. The fluff, the hearts, the ribbons, the pink, the pony, the pearls…it all just combines a certain way for the better. 100% happy restoration!