So Long, and Thanks for All the Murals. The Current Sea, 2014.

A #GIF celebration of Keith Haring, his mural formerly at Houston and the Bowery, and shining bright with every color of the rainbow. Featuring a Ketih Haring tribute GIF by g1ft3d with an original HypnoGIF!



How did you first get into making GIFs? What was the first GIF you made?

I first got into making GIFs in 2012 when I saw all the cool GIFs on Tumblr.  I made a few GIFs of Yolandi-Vi$$er shaking her booty in gold hotpants and a few from Disney’s Snow White and Fantasia but I really wanted to make GIFs that were 100% my own. The first original GIF I made was called “Creature with Amethyst Gem” and it was part of a series of GIFs which I called “stereographic drawings”.

Where do you find inspiration?

I am looking for inspiration right now in a book about Netsuke (carved Chinese ornaments). Taoist landscape paintings, and female bodybuilders also inspire me.

Why GIF art?

GIF art has been a way for me, as an artist, to reach a wider audience.  It also satisfies a lot of social needs because I meet lots of people online who have seen my GIFs and I enjoy that.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Most of the artists I have met on Tumblr are my favorite artists:

Favorite GIF artists/artists in general?

Matthias Brown
Cindy Suen
brother brain
max capacity
Colin Raff

Favorite GIF?

My favorite GIF is one of my own called “You are Under My Control” because it always looks fresh when I see it pop up on the interwebs.

Check out more GIF art by DAiN8) on Giphy.com.


Gustavo Fajardo is a 31 year old from Guatemala City. He manages his own brand of products that will be launching next year. He also works in managing WADMU Web Arts Digital Museum. He posts his art as g1ft3d and is also a tag editor for #GIF.

“I found that art is a form or gateway to connect us with our essence, there’s a meaning for everything, there’s a reason for everything, everybody’s mission in this world is different, mine is to share what I do, in order to be happy just search inside you, find what gives you peace and balance and do it for the rest of you life.”

- Gustavo Fajardo