So I thought I’d try my hand at one of those fake screenshot things because I was bored and had better things to do that I chose not to do. Also, I was kinda sorta considering making this a commission-able if I could do it and it came out a success, but probably not. Anyway, behold, properly G1-ified Technis. I took reference mostly from Perceptor for the helm and the seekers plus Ironhide for some reason for the body. With and without the scar because I forgot it until after already posting.

I think I got pretty close for my first time in over a year trying one, though I’m not wholly satisfied with the monitor in the foreground. Thank you to all the millions of fake anime screenshots tutorials, Photoshop gradients and Lazy Nezumi for making this possible,

Communication Salt

I have a Dragons Seeking thread going and have for a bit. Someone posts a Dragon i’m REALLY interested in buying. So I ping them back asking if they had a price.
I hear nothing for two days, but they’ve still been active in the forums. So I figure maybe they forgot about my ping. I send them a PM asking them if they were still looking to sell said Dragon, and that I was prepared to buy him if they had a price in mind.
Still no response. They’re still active on the forums. I really just don’t get it, and I feel as if i’m being ignored. Why offer to sell a dragon then ignore offers on them, especially when you yourself seem to be looking to buy other expensive dragons and may be able to use my money as funds?

@otterwillow For real this time, Hook and Scrapper for the kiss meme. I had to make a few changes to the original pose because, y’know, robot anatomy, but I hope this is just as good. 

This is an entire universe, Skyfire, waiting for us! And we will experience all of it together!

A quick little thing for Valentine’s Day! (or Friend day or whatever type of day you would like to celebrate today!) I had wanted to make something cleaner and bigger, but today was work day so I didn’t get a lot of time for anything more than a colored scribble. Maybe later this week.

But!! I’d still like to take the opportunity and wish you all a very good day/evening/night, I appreciate all the kind words and support I’ve received from you lovely people over the three years that this blog has existed and just, thank you all! The Transformers experience has been a fantastic one for me thanks to you and I wish you all the Best!