Etta cracks me up.

More spider ramblings~

I’ve noticed lately when I feed Etta (RCF G. rosea), she has an initial pounce where she strikes at the tongs/roach, but doesn’t quite get it.  When I offer the roach again, she grabs the tongs, but overshoots the roach, so she’s just sitting there rubbing her fangs all over the tongs.  I have to slowly move the roach up to her fangs and she just kind of ‘walks’ it into her grasp fang by fang XD.  It is the most hilarious thing ever, I’ll have to try and get a video the next time I feed her.

Poppy (B. albopilosum) is so pretty since she’s molted :).  She’s a dark chocolate color and her butt is so fuzzy!  She grew to about 1.5" inches with this molt.

Still yet unnamed B. smithi, H. lividum and P. cancerides are also doing well.  H. lividum has made a wonderful webby cave out of the vial I placed in the enclosure as a hide (it’s mostly covered by substrate).  It rarely comes out, but I catch it creepin’ at night sometimes when I can’t sleep.

When I went to feed the teensy B. smithi today, it had completely burrowed itself -way- down into the substrate.  Apparently, spiderlings are more likely do do this.  Since it’s still so small, I want to make sure that it’s being able to eat, so I removed a bit of the substrate and cut one of my wooden bowl miniatures in half for a new hide.

P. cancerides is still HUGE and gorgeous :3.  She has no trouble whatsoever crunching on roaches (which have gotten MUCH bigger).

I know it seems silly, but I love my little T babies so much T_T.  They are so absolutely fascinating me!


please excuse the terrible quality photos, my lap top is the worst

but here are my g. roseas new home. she will be moving on thursday when she come home from school! its a 5.5 with a lot of substrate because she like to dig. her hide is in her other terrarium at the moment and will be moving with her to this new home!

the old terrarium will be a new home for the darkling beetles and then in the future either roaches or crickets