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Maneuver pads describe in detail, maneuvers carried out by the Apollo spacecraft, either for contingency plans, and mid-course correction burns. These were recorded from listening to the Apollo 8 mission on YouTube. I had to make the form for myself in Illustrator using the actual flight plan as reference and cross-check with the transcripts because there’s a lot of numbers.What’s interesting about the Apollo 8 mission is that MCCs 2 and 3 were cancelled due to the fact that the error was within the degree of uncertainty you have already. MCC-4 comes not long before Lunar Orbit Insertion.

Described on the right-side, top to bottom is the purpose or name, propulsion method (RCS,SPS/G&N), vehicles total mass (WT), SPS engine gimball trim(P,Y-trim), time of maneuver (Hr,Min,Sec GET), ΔV along x,y,z axes, required vehicle attitude at time of maneuver, Height apogee, perigee (or perilune/apolune in lunar orbit) in N.MI.(Ha, Hp), vector sum (ΔVT), burn duration (BT), ΔVC total change in velocity as ‘counted by the EMS ΔV display in ΔV mode, a cue that the computer uses to end the burn. This is followed by navigation information, sextant star(SXTS), shaft and trunnion angles that will yield said star if in proper attitude, boresight star(BSS, which uses the COAS ‘gunsight’ sight in window 2)to double check alignment, followed by the location of the star on the graduations on the reticle of the sight (SPA,SXP). LAT,LONG,RTGO,V10 are entry interface and landing information, only the ‘TLI+90′ Abort pad that I’ve filled out has this information included in the pad, as it was a burn that would bring the spacecraft home quickly. These were worked out by guidance and trajectory gurus working at MSC.

In regard to nature, “to accept what I cannot change” means to accept the metaphysically given; “to change what I can” means to strive to rearrange the given by acquiring knowledge—as science and technology (e.g., medicine) are doing; “to know the difference” means to know that one cannot rebel against nature and, when no action is possible, one must accept nature serenely… . What one must accept is the fact that the minds of other men are not in one’s power, as one’s own mind is not in theirs; one must accept their right to make their own choices, and one must agree or disagree, accept or reject, join or oppose them, as one’s mind dictates. The only means of “changing” men is the same as the means of “changing” nature: knowledge—which, in regard to men, is to be used as a process of persuasion, when and if their minds are active; when they are not, one must leave them to the consequences of their own errors… .

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

—  Ayn Rand