…And thats kind of the job of clothes, to get compliments for us, because its very hard to get compliments based on your human qualities…its much easier to be a bastard and just try and match the colors up…
—  Jerry Seinfeld

A comparison picture to Kingdom Hearts χ [chi]/ KHUx and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Back Cover.

…Hey. WHERE IS SKULD!? D: By the way, PLEASE [ G O  P L A Y  K H U x ] if you haven’t. It’s free to download on both iOS and Android. It may also look like such a cute game but it’s actually quite fun to play once you start to get the handle of things. You can even play with your friends or other people in your Union! (^ U ^)/)

MORE Joe and Chuy headcanons

•Joe’s name in Chuy’s phone
°Is “Wing Stop”
• W I N G S T O P
° Y'all remember when Chuy was asking about why that monster who chases men who cause pain???? And Manferd was like,,,, have none of you caused people pain????
•And Joe was like,,,, good point my man,,,,
°Joe was talking about Bowie,,,, which is why he wanted to move on from that conversation really quickly.
•Okay but listen Joe and Chuy didn’t get legally until 2005…. but they were always husbands in their minds.
°Also,,,, their first dance was a mess. And it’s all Joe’s fault homeboy has two left feet. But he had Chuy helping him,,,, so at least it looked presentable.
•Also Joe wrote five pages of vows for their FIRST wedding,,, when Chuy told him he had to say by memory Joe proposed they have MULTIPLE weddings,,,, Chuy rolled his eyes and kissed his man and said yes,
°"I would marry you again and again if I had to Joe Strong.“
•They have had 10 CHEAP weddings so far, and Joe always says,
°"To ten more!”
•Chuy’s mom L O V E D  Joe,,,, he was like a son to her. And when she died she gave him a hug…. Joe cried with Chuy when she died but Joe vowed to Chuy he would never leave him.
°Everytime Joe comes home late Chuy is awake waiting for him,,,, God Bless Chuy. Joe falls on the bed and Chuy spoons him and buries his face in his man’s neck.
•Chuy hates when Joe goes flying but he hates it a lot more when he flys with his shirt on,,,, it just makes doing the clothes at the end of the week more work then it needs to be…. So Joe honors that wish and takes his shirt off usually.
°Chuy usually patches Joe after a fight,,,, He even kisses his wounds,,, Joe loves that.
•Joe loves being spooned,,, he loves being warm while sleeping with Chuy. But Joe steals Chuy’s warmth,,,, he’ll put his feet inbetween Chuy’s legs and make Chuy’s arms wrap around him…. Thank God Chuy likes bing cold while he sleeps.
°Chuy runs his fingers through Joe’s hair when Joe is painting,,,, and maybe leave little kisses.
•Chuy picks all Wedding outfits,,,, Joe is blind when it comes to that.
°Chuy just has good fashion sense to begin with,,,, as a Latina I’m proud of my son.
•Joe cut his hair once,,,, Chuy HATED it. He refused to talk to Joe for a whole day, out of pettiness, but Joe promised he wouldn’t cut his hair again.
°Chuy actually can’t get drunk,,,, Joe can though. And Joe is a lightweight.
•Chuy can out drink everyone,,,, he just doesn’t tell anyone he can’t get drunk.
°"That’s cheating Chuy.“
•"Not if you can look this up and read up on it,,,, people should be better informed.”
°Chuy hates the Texas heat,,,, he thinks it’s gross and unnecessary.
•Chuy loves kids,,,, Joe knows he wants them but Joe knows they have to wait.
°They would spoil their kid rotten,,,, and be really protective. Look at their kid funny,,, You got Chuy on ya. Talking mess about their kid,,,, Joe is there to shut it down.
•Chuy has a bunch of names picked out for their kid.
°Joe was going to name them after Bible people because that’s what everyone did in Heaven.
•It’s shocking he didn’t name their dog after the Virgin Mary tbh.
°Joe loves Sweet tea,,,, in Texas it’s the best….
•Chuy is a coffee person,,,, he thinks Tea is gross and barbaric
°Anything that Chuy doesn’t like he describes as ‘barbaric’ he’s just that dramatic.


i. Reckoner // Radiohead

ii. Come As You Are // Nirvana

iii. Body Electric // Lana Del Rey 

iv.  Drug You // Half Moon Run

v. Work Song // Hozier

vi. Between The Bars // Elliot Smith

vii. Flipside // Lana Del Rey

viii. With You In My Head // UNKLE

ix. Think I’m In Love // Beck

x. In My Veins // Andrew Belle

xi. My Body Is A Cage // Arcade Fire

xii. Rivers and Roads // The Head and the Heart

xiii. Lover’s Desire // Anais Mitchell

xiv. Losing My Religion // R.E.M.

xv. Everlong (acoustic) // Foo Fighters

( listen here )

I’m sure I’m not the only one that still thinks about this part of Bill’s AMA a lot

“I N C R E A S I N G  M Y  P O W E R  I S  E A S Y  A N D   A N Y O N E  C A N  D O  I T !  J U S T  D R A W  M Y  F O R M  A N Y W H E R E  I N  Y O U R  H U M A N  W O R L D -   E A C H  I M A G E  O F  M E  A C T S  A  P E E P H O L E  F R O M  M Y  D I M E N S I O N  T O  Y O U R S .”

I mean geeze, it’s a good thing youngsters haven’t been drawing triangles with circles in them


for the last eight years!

Or, haha, marking it on their bodies!

and getting it permanently etched into their skin.

A group of people doing that would sure give Bill a lot of power wouldn’t they?

Good thing there isn’t a massive group of people doing this…