i know it’s kind of dumb to be talking about and getting emotional over something that happened 2 years ago, but i wasn’t a kpop fan back then so…

i’m just like TT because monsta x stayed behind for psy and bigbang at the 2015 mama’s when everyone else had already left…

those are my boys….with my boys 😍 

in the video they were both bowing so low to each other like bigbang was so grateful they stayed :((( 

and this picture was supposed to just be bigbang and psy but when monsta x went off to the side so they could take the photo, psy and bigbang told them to come get in the picture too HOLD ME i love idol interactions


Big Bang reactions when their idol gf who normally has cute concepts, but this comeback is sexy/badass concept

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Sorry if I made it too typical(mini skirts and that….)

You came home with white hair. You didn’t tell him about your new comeback yet so you scared the shit out of him. He was confused why you suddenly changed your hair color so he asked you why you did it. You told him you were filming a comeback music video and the concept was a little different- sexy/badass. His heart stopped when you said sexy because he imagined how sexy could it be.
“Okay, but how sexy are we talking about? No revealing clothes right?”
He wanted to know what kind of clothes will you wear and what will the song be about and he wanted you to sing and dance the song for him. If it would be too sexy for him he would complain every day about it and he wouldn’t stop talking about it. 

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You had short brown hair and you never wore black/dark lipstick so he got really scared when you came home and you still had makeup from the dance practice and you had black hair. He asked you immediately why you suddenly changed like that, but he thought you just liked this style more from the others, he didn’t think you have a sexy comeback in a month. You told him all about how great your dress is and how good this makeup is.
“I thought you like cute clothes… Wait… Is the dress short? If you’re gonna perform with it be careful, okay?”
He liked that your group finally changed a concept because he knew all of the song’s lyrics. He was worried how will you dance in such short dress, but he loved the song. He told you it will be a big hit and if you film the music video as good as it is the song it will be on top of the charts for a while.

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Taeyang loved your cute concepts and he was really surprised when he saw your new Instagram picture with dark make up, (too) short dress and black (too) high heels. He liked it and immediately called you, why would you upload a picture like that for everyone to see. You told him about your comeback and he freaked out.
He was also worried how will you dance in high heels like that and watch out on the dress+ sing at the same time. When he came home he couldn’t stop thinking about what will you have to be careful of. When you had your comeback live stage he was more nervous than you.

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He liked when you dressed sexy or badass, but he was used to you always being cute and doing aegyo hard af. Now he saw you in badass style- dark makeup, white hair, black dresses and chokers on your neck. He thought you looked good and he supported you. If you had a badass comeback you just have to look like that, he thought.
“Just don’t reveal too much, okay?”
He was only worried if you will be cold in such dresses because a lot of your performances were outside. He came with your group when you had your comeback stage, to support all of you. He loved the songs and imitated you dancing and singing later at home, to cheer you up.

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Seungri was in love with all of your cute concepts and he loved seeing your aegyo, which you were the best at, even tho he was pretty good too. When you told him you’re having a sexy concept for the next comeback he just smiled and loved the idea. He loved if you wore short skirts or dresses for him, but he realized everyone else would see you in a miniskirt too.
“I loooooooooooveeee the idea, but NO. YOU CAN NOT BE DRESSED LIKE THAT FOR YOUR FANS. I SAY NO.”
He pouted and didn’t let go of you until you promised him that you’ll be careful when you sit down, dance, walk, or do anything in a short dress. He would want you to dance for him the new song tho. AND… He will probably dance it for you too and make it even sexier.

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G dragon Scenario #61 “Lullaby” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“You wrote it thinking of her, right?” Taeyang asked him, after Ji yong played the new song he has been working on.

“What?” he was all red and shy. 

He changed alot since you two started to date, and for some reason he still acts like if you two just started dating. 

It wasn’t the first time Tae saw him in love. But it was the first time he saw him this in love.

Tae just laughed “Its good man…” he was referring to the song “… go home, eat something and go to sleep, but this time for more than just three hours, ok?” he stands and walks out of the studio.

An hour later Ji yong finally gets out of work. 

He was extremely tired but still he needed to answer some emails… he was about to take the turn to his house but then, the eagerness of seeing you was bigger than his tiredness. It’s been almost five days since you been together, and he is already dying. He needs to see you… at least for a few hours.

He arrived twenty minutes later, just to find all the lights off. You were already sleeping, which was weird since you tend to sleep, at the same time as him.

Ji yong was taking off his jacket as he was walking towards the bedroom, making sure of not doing any loud sound…

You were only wearing one of his shirts, sleeping in a fetus position, and hugging one of your pillows so tightly that if it was a person it would be dead and blue by now. People say that it shows how insecure you are, but the truth is that, even sleeping, you feel the need to hug something… that’s it.

As soon as he entered and saw you, Ji yong stopped and just admired you from afar. He was so in love with you. These two years by your side has been the most amazing ones for him. He would have never guess that his soul mate will be ended up being a foreign girl, especially not an asian girl because of the culture differences. But in fact, those differences were the ones that make him fall in love like never before.

You moved a little…

He smiled. You look so cute like that, he just wants to go inside the bed and hug you, like in the way you are hugging your pillow. But also he doesn’t want to wake you up and disturb your sleep… you wish he had.

Ji yong walks away, taking his computer with him and going back to the bedroom where he will spend the next two hours answering mails. Sitting on the small couch at the side of your bed.

“Finally” he says in a tired whisper, as he clicked the send button on the screen of the last message. He stretched himself, feeling exhausted, and then, he turn off the computer. He stands but then he heard you… he turns to see you.

You were still sleeping.

He took his phone and takes off his jeans to enter the bed, and again, the sound of you mumbling got his attention. By now, he knows you were probably having a nightmare. But again, as quick as you started to mumble you stopped too.

Ji yong smiled and lays beside you. He spent a good ten minutes just checking on his social media when the mumbles started again, and this time you do look scared.

He was hesitating if he should wake you up or to let you sleep, hoping that the nightmare stops by itself when you woke up by yourself, breathing harshly and all exalted.

“Hey” Ji yong touched your shoulder.

You were scared, and your eyes started to tear.

“Hey hey…” he got closer as soon as he saw that you were about to cry “… its ok, I’m here babe, it was only a nightmare”

You started to cry, covering your face with your hands. In part because you were still scared and shocked, and also because you were embarrassed.

“Come here” he hugs you, wrapping his arms around.

You felt instantly safe, like if everything was ok all of the sudden.

“You wanna talk about it?” his voice, was music to your ears and his breath against your ear makes you tremble. “No” you said, making the voice of a three year old, little girl. He smiles of how cute you are acting “Ok… then…” he pulls you even closer to him “… just cuddles”

You two were so close that you could became one. Both of you with the stupidest smiles ever.

“Why are you here?” you said, holding his arms, the ones that are wrapping you so strong yet with so much love. “I wanted to see you” he says against your ear.

His voice has the power of calm your heart… it’s insane.

You smiled even more and he smiled along with you within a few seconds.

“Did you eat dinner?” you asked after a while. “Mhmm” his sleepy voice answered. He was such a bad liar.

“You are lying”

“No I am not” his eyes are close, he was so tired.

You turned around to look at him, even when that meant to break the hug.

Ji yong opened his eyes as soon as he felt you moving away from his arms. “It’s true” he says laughing when you just stare at him.

Again, just a stare was enough to tell him everything.

“Ok, ok…” he brushes his hair out of his face with his fingers “… I didn’t… but it’s the first time this week!”

“You are gonna be sick if you keep doing that” he is always skipping his meals. Which makes you feel so worried.

“I know… I won’t do it again” he moves to hug you again but you move away so he stopped. “I mean it Ji yong”

“And I mean it too…” he moves again towards you “… come on, come here” his arms wrapped you again.

You were looking at the ceiling now, while he was hugging you with one arm across your waist, and his face facing yours.

“How are you expecting to sleep with your eyes open babe?” he suddenly said after a few minutes. “I thought you were sleeping” you started to caress his arm with your fingertips.

“What’s wrong?” he asked. “Nothing”

“Are you sure?”

You turned your face to meet his eyes. “You know you can tell me anything, right?” he looks worried.

“I know” you smiled and caressed his face with your hand. Ji yong didn’t believe you, he knows something is wrong.

You just have stupid little problems, but you don’t want to bother him with them.

He looks at you and slowly got closer, staring at your lips… he kissed you gently, and when you answered his kiss, he ran his tongue across your lips, caressing them sweetly, and, finishing the kiss with a little peck.

“Want me to sing you?”

Back when you two started to date, every time you felt down and sad you asked him to sing you his songs.

You smiled “Sure”

“Ok, we will talk about the payment later”

You laughed “Payment?”

“Do you know how much my fans would pay for me to sing them a lullaby?”

“Exactly…” you grabbed his chin “… your fans, not the love of your life” you gave him a little kiss. He laughed. 

“Alright…” Ji yong cleared his throat and then he started to sing, really close to your ear, singing with a sleepy sexy voice.

“Is that a new song?” you asked. “It is…” he stopped singing “… do you like it?”

“I love it” 

Ji yong smiled, as beautiful as always, and he started to sing again.

You closed your eyes, and slowly his voice started to fade as you were starting to fall asleep in his arms.

Tower de'Nerd 2.0. I finally re-organized the gaming shelves to make room for all my minis. I also crafted some cool rocky cliff pieces out of 2-inch foam to give height and make it easier to see/grab the minis I need, as well as add some more visual appeal. #DnD #DungeonsandDragons #DnD5e #Pathfinder #PFRPG #PathfinderRPG #ReaperMinis #WizKids #BachmannTrains #DMscreen #McFarlaneDragons #Organization #Books #Display

Works in progress

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Okay so not too long ago during a sleepover my friends and I created this playlist, it was so good that I decided to write a scenario for each song. The songs are:

~ Hatefuck - Cruel Youth

~ Tumblr Girls - G-Eazy ft. Christoph Andersson

~ Everything will be OK - G-Eazy ft. Kehlani

~ Young God - Halsey

~ Coming Down - Halsey

~ Born to Die - Lana Del Rey

~ Off to the Races - Lana Del Rey

~ Video Games - Lana Del Rey

~ Powerful - Major Lazer ft. Ellie Goulding

~ Daddy Issues - The Neighborhood

~ #icanteven - The Neighborhood ft. French Montana

~ Anchor - Novo Amor 

~ Alps - Novo Amor & Ed Tullett

~ Cool Girl - Tove Lo

~ Youth - Troye Sivan

~ WILD - Troye Sivan

~ Greek Tragedy - The Wombats

~ Cough Syrup - Young the Giant

~ Girls/Girls/Boys - Panic! at the Disco 

~ Pills and Potions - Nicki Minaj

~ Valley of the Dolls - Marina and the Diamonds

~ Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds

~ Relax my Beloved - Alex Clare

~ Where’s my Love - SYML

~ Colors - Halsey

~ Vroom Vroom - Charli XCX

~ Crazy in Love (remix) - Beyonce

~ Wires - The Neighborhood

~ Carry Your Throne - Jon Bellion

~ Way Down We Go (Stripped) - Kaleo

~ Chill Bill - Rob $tone ft. J. Davi$, Spooks

~ Youth (Acoustic) - Troye Sivan

~ Come a Little Closer - Cage the Elephant

~ Ur So Gay - Katy Perry

~ How to be a Heartbreaker - Marian and the Diamonds

~ Heavydirtysoul - Twenty One Pilots

~ Not Today - BTS

~ High on the Beach - Lana Del Rey

~ Backwards - Tame Impala ft. Kendrick Lamar 

My plan for this is that I’ll post a song scenario once a week. It’ll go in order of this list too. Currently, I have ideas for the first three songs, so if anyone wants’s to message me a scenario for a song I’m always open.

Lastly, I have decided that 3 Billion Dollars [G Dragon Mafia!AU] will be updated almost every Sunday. Most likely every other Sunday though.

Dressing Zico:: Chapter Twenty-Two:: You’ve gotten yourself in an unlucky triangle (18+)

Things were breaking. Wood, glass, Ji-Yong, Zico. All I could do was lay there and listen. I tried to yell but it was no use. I tried to push the cloth out of my mouth but it didn’t work. Ji-Yong had apparently been a Boyscout because he knew his knots and I was going nowhere.

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