Ready for another Gemsona Week?… What about a Gemsona MONTH?…
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★ ✩ ★ ✩ G E M S O N A · W E E K ✩ ★ ✩ ★
✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ July 25th-31st, 2017 ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦

We’re back at it again, this time for our fourth year ♥ !!
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What is Gemsona Week?

Welcome to Gemsona Week! Gemweek is a fandom appreciation week for the Cartoon Network animated series created by Rebecca Sugar, Steven Universe. “Gemsona” is a portmanteau of “crystal gem” and “persona”, meaning, create your own gem characters! There are daily prompts throughout the week and the gemsona community is encouraged to interact, roleplay and create!

So go make or update your gemsona! Get drawing and writing, browse the prompts and post in the tags #gemsona & #gemsona week!


  • No 18+ content in the tags, forum or chats please! This is an all-ages event. 
  • It’s essential to use the tag “#gemsona week ” in the first five tags of all your gemsona week posts. I will be queueing for this blog straight from that tag! Help me find your prompt responses so I can share it with everyone!

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Hi everyone! A bit unfashionably late this year, I hope you’ll forgive me! This year is crammed with prompts and design challenges, so hopefully everyone will find something that vibes with them each day. I’m doing this a little different this year- it’s more of a Gemsona MONTH than a week; I know there’s a lot of prompts to work through, so I’ll be reblogging from the tags all of August! So take your time with them, choose your favorite prompts for the day and put the rest on the back burner for later. No rush, no fuss!

This year we have memes galore, an abundance of writing prompts, the Art Fusion Challenge and- you heard me right- a Gemsona Week Discord server!! Depending on traffic and demand, membership is first-come, first-served (pun intended) with a possibility of closure. So if you’d like to join up, do so quickly! We’ve got chats, galleries and rp channels just waiting for you. Head over to the Discord page to find out more and access the invite code before it expires!

As always, THANK YOU for your patience and hard work, you guys make gemweek a blast every year!!♥♥

This Day in 1D History - July 24


  • Hannah and Louis keep things on good terms :))


  • Zayn joins the party a little late (with some help from Louis :))
  • Liam gets in a pre-show workout with Mark 
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Denver, USA 


  • “Keep finding great pics on my phone! Louis and liam on the set of our macys Xmas commercial for the perfume last year” (via Niall’s Twitter)


  • M&G love
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Winnipeg, Canada  feat. HERO (aka “WHY IS NO ONE KISSING ANYONE?!”) 


  • Niall shares an iconic bit of wisdom
i'll say this once

the video of valentina not hugging her fan at the m&g is shady. i completely understand that she doesn’t have to give anyone personal space. so the video, while cringe worthy, doesn’t really
bother me on it’s own. BUT that complied with all of the other tea and testimonies of her being completely rude, unprofessional, and a bitch to fans, local queen, staff, etc….you can’t ignore it. all of this “evidence,” if you will, keeps piling up. valentina is going to end her own career before it even starts if she keeps acting like this. miss congeniality? yeah suuuuuure sis. but go off and defend her because she’s pretty i guess.

By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: Writcraft | Word Count: 9k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Harry and Draco form an unlikely friendship after the war. Even as the friendship becomes more, Draco is quick to push Harry away before they become too deeply involved. As Harry fights to save an iconic wizarding pub and gay safe-haven from being closed down, circumstances force Draco to confront his true feelings head on.

Review: Draco and Harry are friends, mostly by virtue of both of them being gay, but the ‘something else’ between them… it’s undeniable and strong and nothing to do with circumstance. There’s sexual tension and confusion as Harry just can’t understand why Draco isn’t bridging that distance between them, and from Draco being unable to comprehend why Harry cares so much.

It’s lovely and uplifting, watching Draco learning how to let himself be who he is, let himself love and take that leap.

Content/Warnings: Homophobia, LGBTQ Rights Activism, Pining, Friends to Lovers

Mood Music: Higher - Lemaitre ft. Maty Noyes


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