somos doidos por amar e doidos de amor. amor que não se intimida e nem se retrai. é amor que gosta de aparecer mas não de encenar. não se contenta com pouco. e é por isso que eu amo tanto a gente. o nosso pouco é o muito que não derrama. e o nosso muito é o tanto que não engasga. não desce rasgando ou parando. é leve, tem passe livre. no meio do caminho entramos em becos sem saída e numas estradas de chão. mas com você eu não me sinto perdida. e nem cansada demais pra continuar. você é o meu arco íris depois da tempestade e entre a tempestade. sou grata a Deus por ter me dado você. e ter me dado a você. somos um do outro. pra sempre

E aí, quando vem me ver?

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picture if you will: g visiting eth and ty at their house for a few days and finding out they only have one bed and they won't let him sleep on the couch because "this thing is big enough for all of us and then some" and they all fall asleep cuddling together the whole time he's there daaawww -doo

wHAT TO HECK I LOVE YOUUU <333 aww this is so fucKING CUTE

g is sandwiched between the both of them and when he wakes up both eth and ty are wrapped around him and he literally cant move bc he’ll either wake them if he tries or theyre cuddles are too strong to escape 

River Flows in You
By Organization for Transformative Works

In Fire Country, there is no time beyond the constant war. There is no force but chakra, no spirit but what drives a shinobi to fight, and the Senju have long since abandoned silly superstitions like leaving offerings that might be better used to fill a soldier’s belly.

Lady Senju was once Uzumaki Yuuko, though, and she remembers dragons rising from the sea.

Inspiration/Companion Art: Here.

author: blackkat, red_hot_holly_berries [@blackkatmagic @redhothollyberries]

wordcount: 1804

rated: G

my dear l, 

it’s been 3 years since i last spoke to you and my heart still aches.

i’ve tried moving on, but it always just crash and burns

the first girl looked a little like you. her eyes were as blue as the ocean. i still think i could’ve loved her, but she was too damaged and i couldn’t fix her. 

the second looked a lot like you. she had a passion for living everything to the fullest. she was everything i was not, and that broke us. 

the third, and last, looked nothing like you. she was so small that she often caved in on herself. she hurt me in the ways that you didn’t. 

if there is one thing these 3 girls have in common, it’s that they aren’t you. 

we’ll probably never talk again, and that’s something i’ve made my peace with. 

i don’t know what you look like now, who you’re with, what you’re doing, or how your life turned out. 

but i hope you’re happy. that’s all i ever wanted for you.

if you ever think about me, and smile, 

know that i’m thinking about you, too. 

-j, (your first love)