“I’m ready to heat up the competition with the Fire-type Pokemon, Charizard! It’s my favorite Pokemon, after all!”

((To be honest, I had Pokemon Yellow. But, I also have FireRed version for both the GBA SP and GBA Emulator. I chose Charmander as my starter! Plus, Charizard’s Mega Evolution in Pokemon X is just sooo awesome and badass!!))

Some fanart for all my fav Splatoon blogs c:

Fynn belongs to @n-zapper-fynn

Angelo,Blue, and Orange belongs to @tamarinfrog @searching-for-bananaflies

Mika belongs to @triforce-falls

Hazel belongs to @skyfangz (see what I did there -eyebrow wiggle-)

Trick belongs to @trickstersquid

Wobble belongs to @octolings-abroad

Valentine belongs to @littleleeeloo

Manta belongs to @manta-squid

You should totally check them out cause they gots… de goods…..(Not like that)……

Love their art and how it gives me inspiration ^-^ I can`t wait to get Splatoon now!(Spoiler:Hopefully before they release the octoling part of splatoon)