Days 5/31/16

Chase in the hospital. Haiden outside his door. Hope runs away.

Ciara in the DiMera study. Ugh, fb to her & Chad playing chess. Uh oh, Chad’s back & he’s drunk. And he’s pouring himself another drink…and he pretty much chugs it. Poor guy. He collapses on the couch. Yikes. Abby refused to see him. :( Chad breaks down. Ciara starts talking, but Chad falls asleep. I wish I could too lol. Ciara covers him w/ a blanket. Oh, this is headed for disturbing territory, isn’t it? I mean, it’s kinda already there, w/ a vulnerable teenager spending all of her time w/ a married older man & fantasizing about him, but it’s gonna get worse. Ew, Ciara imagines Chad waking up & kissing her. NO. Omg, stop touching his face, Ciara. And don’t put your head on his shoulder. Yep, this is getting more disturbing. Ciara: “Won’t happen, not tonight.” Jfc, seriously? “Not ever,” I hope.

Joe & Jade find a new hideout. Steve didn’t give up, you stupid girl. Joe may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but at least he knows Steve isn’t gonna just give up on finding him. Of course, Joe misses his father. Jade wants him to “do something cool” to prove he wants to be with her. Jfc, this is bottom of the barrel shit. This sl sucked from the beginning, but somehow it manages to reach a new layer of sucking w/ each new scene lol.

Steve confronts Aunt Simone at the commune. He threatens to call the police & tell them about them robberies. She counter threatens to call the police unless he leaves. Is that Joey’s backpack? Steve recognizes it anyway. Ugh, this sl just sucks all the way around. Steve leaves.

Kayla & Fynn in the hotel room. He’s still comforting her after her dream. Uh oh, is he gonna kiss her? Nope, he’s just gonna touch her face and apologize. And then kinda come on to her anyway lol. She calls Steve & leaves a message. Kayla rants a little about not being able to reach Steve. She feels helpless.

Haiden in HTS. Seriously, Aiden? His kid almost died and he chased after Hope? Ridiculous. Hope is confused about how she feels. Yeah, we know. Aiden knows what Chase did was awful, but he’s still his son. Hope grabs his hand to stop him from leaving. And here comes Rafe. Ugh. Rafe gives Aiden his condolences. Aiden tells Hope about his plan to try & get Chase transferred to a psychiatric facility.

Joe breaks into a…idk what lol. Some sort of establishment lol. A store, maybe. Of course he can pick locks because he’s seen Steve do it lol. What’d ya steal, Joe?

Steve back at the commune. He goes through the backpack. He finds Joe’s watch, I’m assuming. It’s engraved “Happy Birthday Love, Dad.” :( Aunt Simone & 2 kids come in. Steve hides, but she hears his phone beep. Simone wants the 2 guys to find Steve & get rid of him. Well, that’s ominous.

Aiden back at the hospital w/ Chase. Yes, Aiden, the handcuffs are necessary. Chase wakes up. He says he deserved to be attacked. Aiden wants Chase to plead guilty by reason of insanity. He’s not insane. This is stupid and offensive.

Hope & Rafe in HTS. Yes, Hope, you’re a horrible person. Are they gonna have another conversation about Hope being confused & needing time? Oh, fucking kill meeeeeeeeee!!!!

Back w/ Kayla & Fynn. She’s on the phone w/ John; he told her about the commune. Kayla tells Fynn about the commune. Yeah, Steve isn’t gonna call her lol. She wants to rent a car & head for LA now. And he head hurts again.

Joe & Jade back in their hideout. He stole a crystal for her. I hate them both sm lol. Joe doesn’t feel good about stealing it. Yes, Jade, stealing is wrong lol. This girl is awful. Please don’t have sex. Joe realizes he forgot his condoms in his backpack. PLEASE DONT HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX. He mentions something very important to him being in his bag. She mocks him. She’s an asshat. She tells him she’s done and to go home to mommy & daddy. Joe chases after her. Is this stuff extra bad today or have I just reached my limit? Baby, you don’t love her. Whoever did Joe’s bruise makeup around his eye should be fired.

Rafe & Adriana at home. He’s upset. I don’t care lol. I love that Adriana doesn’t like Hope lol. Oooh, now I want chips & salsa lol. A: “Do you want to marry a woman whose husbands all die?” LMAO. Rafe storms out. Uh oh, who did she call? A woman for Rafe? That Blanca woman?

Hope & Ciara in the hallway outside the DiMera study. Hope tells Ciara about Chase’s attack. Ciara, Thomas & Chad don’t need you. Hope’s going on a trip? Offscreen, please!!!!!!! Bye, Hope. Ciara goes back into the study. This music is fucking creepy. She wakes Chad up; she needs to leave.

Joe back at the commune. Hi, Steve. Joe, you know the commune ppl are trouble. Joe wants to come home. Uh oh, police sirens.

Rafe at TBD!!!! Omg, when was the last time we saw TBD w/ it’s ugly ass wallpaper and frosted-window doors? Lol. Don’t call Hope, dude.

Hope in HTS. She leaves a message for Shawn about going out of town. She asks him to keep an eye on Ciara. We won’t see them together tho lol.

Back w/ Aiden & Chase. Ciara watched them through the window.

Kayla wakes up? I guess she took another pill and passed out. Fynn promises to help her find Joe tomorrow when the car is fixed. He says he’d never leave her and promises everything will be fine. They kiss!!! Who am I rn? I’m cheering lol.

I hated everything today lol. The promise of Sonny’s return is the only thing keeping me watching rn.


Fynn: “Tell you what. I will be back early today. We can spend the entire afternoon and evening together. How does that sound?”

Alina: “Like I should be feeling guilty for my outburst just now.”

Fynn: “No need. As long as you do the actual having the babies part, you can be mad at me all you like.”

Alina: *smiles* “Sounds great. I’ll see you later, then. I love you.”

Fynn: “Love you, too.”

Some fanart for all my fav Splatoon blogs c:

Fynn belongs to @n-zapper-fynn

Angelo,Blue, and Orange belongs to @tamarinfrog @searching-for-bananaflies

Mika belongs to @triforce-falls

Hazel belongs to @skyfangz (see what I did there -eyebrow wiggle-)

Trick belongs to @trickstersquid

Wobble belongs to @octolings-abroad

Valentine belongs to @littleleeeloo

Manta belongs to @manta-squid

You should totally check them out cause they gots… de goods…..(Not like that)……

Love their art and how it gives me inspiration ^-^ I can`t wait to get Splatoon now!(Spoiler:Hopefully before they release the octoling part of splatoon)