Fuzz Facts

The very definition of cursed images

Ranting time! About why I love Fuzz so much

First, broken kiddos are a+++++. Even better are kiddos that were broken and fixed themselves. Fuzz doesn’t get quite fixed, but he accepted that he was broken. A step in the right direction.

Also, I love gods who don’t really act like gods. Lightsong is an example. Fuzz is a very different example, but he still fits. Despite being a god, he’s vulnerable. Kelsier notes how “surprisingly human” he is.

Another thing is how weak he is. It makes him either relatable or brings out your mother hen, depending on who you are/how you’re feeling at the moment. You sympathize with him a lot.

I just really wanted to rant about Fuzz so um. Here’s this

So we watched an endoscopy/documentary of a digestive tract in Biology today and I am constantly reminded on how inaccurate every single vore art I’ve ever made was, and how difficult it would be to actually draw that like jeez. It sure doesn’t look soft. The stomach is like a tightly filled balloon but with thick veins running along the sides in random directions. The small intestine on the other hand… Looks like an inverted pipe-cleaner holy shit, it’s like a fuzz tube.
Also fun FacT- the total surface area of the digestive system is that of a gymnasium floor ;o)