Fuzz Facts

xxphanaticismxx asked:

6,13-18 idk do whatever ones you feel like :))

wait do you mean 13 to 18

oops I don’t care im doing that

6. Favourite Band
Okay I can’t pick favourites but my top three are Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Stereophonics

13. Life Goals
Id quite like to write a book but since I was little I kept telling people that I’d cure blindness so yeah that

14. Piercings I want
I’d like my lip, tongue, and quite a few in my ears.

15. Relationship status
I’m not in a romantic relationship and probably don’t have time lmao

16. Favourite movie
Okay this changes depending on when you ask me, but it’s either CA:TWS or Hot Fuzz

17. A fact about my life
um uM U m idk I have a lot of stuff wrong with me because I was premature ? does that count ? oh well it does now

18. Phobia
Horses, heights and spiders. I can’t even stand on chairs it is unreal I just start crying lmao