Fuzz Facts

The very definition of cursed images

Ranting time! About why I love Fuzz so much

First, broken kiddos are a+++++. Even better are kiddos that were broken and fixed themselves. Fuzz doesn’t get quite fixed, but he accepted that he was broken. A step in the right direction.

Also, I love gods who don’t really act like gods. Lightsong is an example. Fuzz is a very different example, but he still fits. Despite being a god, he’s vulnerable. Kelsier notes how “surprisingly human” he is.

Another thing is how weak he is. It makes him either relatable or brings out your mother hen, depending on who you are/how you’re feeling at the moment. You sympathize with him a lot.

I just really wanted to rant about Fuzz so um. Here’s this

So here my feeling dump for season 4

-Keith’s BOM suit is awesome

-how does the hood/mask work?

-like at first it’s when he pulls down the hood

-but later the hood falls and the mask doesn’t until he’s in a place with air

-but even then one of the other BOM takes down their hood inside and the mask doesn’t fall right away

-Keith being basically told not to save is teammates lives in BOM (aka the shattering of my heart)

-keith doing it anyways but with an excuse

-not being able to save teammates life in the end

-(can we talk about how Keith’s life was saved in that moment)

-the team being mad/disappointed in Keith’s BOM activities

-which I get cause he is putting lives in danger

-but at the same time he’s trying to find something that could save more lives

-and the team was a bit harsh

-especially when they know Keith didn’t like piloting the black lion and felt he shouldn’t after Shiro came back

-speaking of is Shiro and clone?

-i still vote yes because of the subtle more reckless decisions

-and no flashback to being held especially the second time, which we know nothing about

-back to Keith leaving, when he completely left the group hug and tears

-obviously there was some bonding we didn’t see for pidge and hunk to be tearing up

-letting Keith know that they are always there for him despite the fact they were a bit mad a few seconds ago was perfect

-Pidge going after Matt

-my heart

-Pidge is Matt’s nickname for her and I only have more questions

-when she thought he was dead I was about to cry

-like damn it Matt couldn’t you get another way to let people know where you are

-Matt straight up has a big enough bounty on his head big enough for that bounty hunter to follow pidge till she finds him

-Matt being the best and proudest big brother ever in every scene he in Pidge are in

-Matt’s sir to shiro

-the way I look at it is close to Shiro , but probably wasn’t until Kerberos

-so it’s like situational friendship

-after all Pidge only referred to him as the Kerberos pilot in season one so obviously she wasn’t that close, and if Matt and him were close at Garrison then he should have recognised her right away because you know Matt had at least one family photo

-and with everyone and everything that’s happened he second guesses himself

-and Shiro’s like you idiot come here

-Allura and Coran trying to find how to get milkshakes then being mortified is the purest thing.

-Coran being high but only because he really wants to help

-that Obi-Wan Kenobi joke tho

-Matt helping out Voltron but also still being his own badass freedom fighter general

-legit thought the freedom fighters were going to die

-legit thought Keith was going to die

-this seems to be the first season were it’s obvious that their in a war

-Keith and Pidge have people die in front of them

-the freedom fight memorial

-the final fight and strategy behind it

-like we always knew but now it’s affecting the pladians daily life

-Lotor straight up killing his general

-my feeling for him did a 180 cause before I was like he’s a bad dude but he looks out for his people

-yet at the same time he doesn’t turn on the other generals when they turn on him, doesn’t try and fight

-just accept that they’ve gotta do what they’ve gotta do and he broke their trust

-honestly I want to know more about him because I could see myself being more lenient to him

-the shows were funny, till they weren’t

-they were obviously Lance attempt at normal

-but when Allura had to be Keith and Hunk was the butt of the jokes I was out

-pidge room and all the niknaks in it and the fuzz creatures and the fact it was a mess

- probably a lot more I want to talk about but forgot because there was so much