I can’t wait until I have kids and I they complain about the cold so I can be like “honey I was born in the Northern state on a city on a lake. Y'all don’t know cold. I remember the winter of 2014 it was 15 below zero on a good day and that was the year yo mama vowed to take her black ass to the fucking south and…” imma get on they last nerve with that one

Dear Future Me This School Year,

• get rid of toxic friends.
• don’t tell everybody your business.
• don’t give everyone the privilege of knowing u.
• don’t get caught up in drama.
• do focus on your own shit.
• do come to school more often.
• do keep a private life.
• be open to meeting new people.
• do be friendly with classmates
(u see them 5x a week at least learn names)
• do go to more football games.
• do make memories.
• don’t do meth.
• do turn in homework on time.
• don’t depend on others for happiness.
• do continue spending alone time.
• don’t forget about you’re good old friends.
• do be a good friend.
• don’t let people take you for granted.
• it’s just a test.
• remember u don’t have to answer racist q’s.
• stay positive.
• it’s okay to feel stressed.
• everything is temporary.
• don’t do meth.

Dear Future Me,

Remind yourself that you do not want to let your kids go through the same heart ache you felt because of your parents. Learn to tell them I’m sorry, when you are wrong, to tell them you are proud of them to their face and not to other people just to brag. Tell them that you love them regardless. Listen to their needs. Don’t hold what you’ve done for them over their heads. Don’t repeat your parents mistakes. 

I’m not disrespectful if I tell you i’m not doing your desired job or doesn’t want to study what you both want. It’s my life. I don’t want -when you both are dead- stuck in a life i never wanted. With a job i never wanted. With a future i never wanted. I want to look back and say ‘yes that was the right decision’ .. that is all i want. I just don’t want to regret the chances i didn’t take.
—  me