Anyone recently joining DEP, here's a tip for counting down!

Count down to events that take place between now and leaving. I’ve had a couple of weekend tips that I’ve taken in the past few months to keep me from focusing too much on boot camp. At first you want to count your days every time you wake up, but it’s best to just focus on the events prior. That way, when you reach those dates you can look at your RTC count down and be completely baffled! It’s so much fun.

6 days until my best friend gets here from Japan. 9 days until I’m having crazy fun in Orlando. When my friend flies back to Sasebo I’ll only have 27 days until RTC. 15 days until I drive up to NC to say bye to family and then when I get back in GA I’ll have 3 days until I’m spending the night in the MEPS hotel before shipping out the next day. 44 days until I’m landing in Chicago and changing into my smurfs. When I break it down that way…. HOLY CRAP this is getting real.

I’ve been slacking on my memorization. I’ve been neglecting tumblr. I’ve been neglecting working out. Is this what a life feels like? 

I am not happy. Not one bit.

I’ve had plans to go to my best friend’s house to stay the week for MONTHS now. I get a call today from my Petty Officer, and it seems that they moved this month’s DEP meeting up a week. Meaning I wouldn’t even be able to leave until thursday evening after the meeting. UGH. and then when I ask why it changed, I get reprimanded. Thanks guys.