Altean!Lance & Galra!Keith Masterlist (Part 2)

Broken Bonds by yestofandoms (9/9 | 56,737 | Mature)

Keith is in desperate need of money to take care of his dying brother, Shiro, so he goes back to his old roots. Keith is hired by the Galra King, Zarkon, to kill Prince Lance as the final blow toward the Altean Kingdom, after the death of King Alfor. Keith infiltrates the Altean Castle by becoming a servant to Prince Lance.
Keith’s prerogative is to save his brother, but priorities can change when you fall for a Prince.

Down the Line by fevered_dreams (4/? | 19,846 | Explicit)

Shiro and Keith are a couple of mostly ordinary space explorers accidentally turned heroes, and Lance wants nothing more than to travel across the universe with them.

And if they happen to get embroiled with helping to put an end to a hostile, intergalactic Galran rebellion… Well, what’s an adventure without adversity?

A Moment in the Snow by Gigapoodle (1/1 | 3,378 | Not Rated)

When the Castle of Lions lands on a planet with freshly fallen snow, Lance jumps on the opportunity to drag Keith out with him and relish every moment in the weird, white powder that falls from the atmosphere.

Keith complains, but he sees just how happy Lance is playing in the stuff, and he knows he doesn’t really mean it.

Fall of an Empire by No_Name_Kane (5/? | 9,650 | Teen And Up)

Prince Lance has a lot going on right now; becoming future king, combat training- and the apparent overthrowing of his kingdom by the Galra- Altea’s worse enemy.

Prince Keith was tasked with one thing: Capture the Prince, bring him back to Galra. Yet, things still manage to go wrong.

Spoils of War by bluphacelia (2/? | 7,166 | Teen And Up)

There was an pulsing red glow somewhere, aggressively filtering through his closed eyelids. Lance groaned. It was too early for this, probably. There was a dull ache at the back of his head and he felt sore all over. What had he done last night? Was there a party? How much had he had to drink? Something felt off. He wasn’t sleeping in his bed. The surface was too hard. Too cold. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His mind felt muddled and slow as he slipped in and out of a doze.

Lance turned, trying to get more comfortable, but a rattle broke the quasi-calm and jerked him fully awake.

He wasn’t home. He wasn’t even close to home.


To Reap What You Snow by TheArtArmature (4/? | 8,770 | Teen And Up)

The Alteans and Galra used to be allies, until the rise of Zarkon and his conquest for Universal domination. When a descendant of refugee Alteans, and the genius pilot of the Galra’s Military Academy end up becoming Paladins of Voltron, it will take more than just team exercises to get this team to work together. Will they be able to form Voltron and save the universe, or will their pasts keep them from moving into the future?


“Why don’t you talk to anyone?”

“I have a superiority complex. If I don’t enjoy someone’s presence within the first… 10 minutes. I don’t consider them worth my time. Anyone I judge as unentertaining or bland I ditch. To combat future boredom. Things I find entertaining are as follows: witticisms, sarcasm, black humour, violence, screaming spontaneously, the ability to have an intelligent conversation, and/or setting something/someone on fire. If you don’t fit any of my criteria, I highly suggest you avoid me like the plague, for both of our’s sake.

Of course this does make me sound extraordinarily selfish and arrogant. But considering my arrogance, anyone not fitting my specific criteria wouldn’t benefit from my presence anyway, and if I didn’t give them the warning, they would’ve found out my eccentric personality in a lot messier manner. At least now the reaction is one of indignation instead of tears.

Now that I’ve made my reasons for being alone known, I would simply love to get back to my book. Good day.”

“… *sets book on fire and starts screaming.*”

“On the other hand, I think we could get along quite well.”


HISTORY MEME → [2/3] Wars: Russian Civil War

The Russian Civil War was a multi-party war in the former Russian Empire immediately after the Russian Revolutions of 1917, as many factions vied to determine Russia’s political future. The two largest combatant groups were the Red Army, fighting for the Bolshevik form of socialism led by Vladimir Lenin, and the loosely allied forces known as the White Army, which included diverse interests favoring monarchism, capitalism and alternative forms of socialism, each with democratic and antidemocratic variants. In addition, rival militant socialists and nonideological Green armies fought against both the Bolsheviks and the Whites. Eight foreign nations intervened against the Red Army, notably the Allied Forces and the pro-German armies. The Red Army defeated the White Armed Forces of South Russia in Ukraine and the army led by Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak in Siberia in 1919. The remains of the White forces commanded by Pyotr Nikolayevich Wrangel were beaten in Crimea and evacuated in late 1920. Lesser battles of the war continued on the periphery for two more years, and minor skirmishes with the remnants of the White forces in the Far East continued well into 1923. Armed national resistance in Central Asia was not completely crushed until 1934. There were an estimated 7,000,000–12,000,000 casualties during the war, mostly civilians. The Russian Civil War has been described by some as the greatest national catastrophe that Europe had yet seen.

Many pro-independence movements emerged after the break-up of the Russian Empire and fought in the war. Several parts of the former Russian Empire—Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland—were established as sovereign states, with their own civil wars and wars of independence. The rest of the former Russian Empire was consolidated into the Soviet Union shortly afterwards.

South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic
Leaders of Vanuatu province want to turn local people and tourists away from unhealthy imports in favour of locally grown crops and seafood
By Eleanor Ainge Roy

A group of south Pacific islands are banning foreign junk food imports in favour of an all-local, organic diet as a way to combat future health problems.

Torba province, part of Vanuatu, aims to impose restrictions on the import of western foodstuffs and instead take advantage of its productive agricultural land and rich natural resources. Located in the northern part of Vanuatu, Toba is often described as the “forgotten province” and the majority of its 10,000 people are subsistence farmers.

Father Luc Dini, a community leader and head of the local tourism council, said a ban on foreign food imports would improve the health and wellbeing of islanders.

“At the moment we have an infiltration of junk food from overseas,” he said.

“It is easy to boil noodles or rice, but they have almost no nutritional value and there is no need to eat imported food when we have so much local food grown organically on our islands.”

In the far future, to combat over-population, Earth has been replicated in 17 different ‘dimensions’. There is free travel and free communication between them. Due to a mishap, you arrive at the long-abandoned Earth-12.


INKTOBER 6: SWORD, halftone and un-halftone versions

even genetically engineered snow leopard demon assassins need breakfast sometimes.

 Idris is my sweet baby and best older sibling, and all of the detail that went into their weird future combat boots got completely lost in colour correction 

combatdonut  asked:

I'd just like to say that I love apocalyptic sets in magic like Hour of Devastation and Eldritch Moon, and I hope we get more of them in the future.

Games about combat tend to have a lot of destruction in them. We are trying to mix things up though so don’t expect most worlds to be devastated.

Sunset Hawk at RNAS Yeovilton

Hawk T.2s are used to train pilots who’ll ffly the Tornado GR4, Typhoon and the future Joint Combat Aircraft.

loved this fighter, Fancy some dogfighting?

#2710. Ness acts as the courier of the mansion, thanks to his ability to teleport. The Hands give him the letters that the future combatants receive before they join the tournament, such as the one seen in Villager’s trailer. They’re literally just a Smash Bros symbol and the words “You’re in”

KND Top 10 Favorite Episodes

#6) Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.

Operation: T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G. was a fun episode to watch. As much as I love to see Sector V all the time, I’m glad they weren’t in this episode because they would have taken away the spotlight these characters needed. I loved the interactions and chemistry between Tommy, Sonia, and Lee. They have so much talent for just being Cadets in this time. Tommy has shown leadership and intelligence by making the right calls in the “simulation” like the hop scotch tactic and using the escape pods to melt the ice to defeat father and his goons. Sonia (Numbuh 83 in the future) has shown her combat capabilities when being afraid of the dark and being the heart of the team convincing Tommy and Lee to fight instead of running. Finally, Lee (Numbuh 84) has shown that he can think on his feet when avoiding getting caught by father and mastery with his yo yo. These kids were perfect together and I wish they had more screen time together but that’s another discussion. 

things i shall do with my future son
  • get matching combat boots
  • take him to anthrocon when he’s like 5
  • go to the zoo with him every chance I get
  • teach him how to braid so he can impress all of the girls (or boys) in his preschool
  • stand the fuck up for him every chance I get
  • teach him that it’s okay to be different
  • let him draw on any bare spots (if any) on my arms to feel like he’s adding on tattoos
  • let him shave my head into a Mohawk (oh lord)
  • do the same to him if he wants one as cool as his dad’s right after
  • go get our nails painted pink to teach him color doesn’t have a gender
  • teach him to love spiders
  • teach him to love snakes
  • teach him bugs are good and to punch anyone that squishes them
  • teach him to use the word “walnut” as an insult
  • help him impress his crush
  • play some super cool band’s music that sends good and positive messages
  • or whatever he wants if he don’t like it
  • take him to his first concert
  • force him to do matching costumes for Halloween every year until he wants to stop, and then ill act manly and pretend he didn’t break my heart.
  • go to the mountains
  • let him use animal friendly paints to paint the dog before we give it a bath
  • take him to a farm and teach him how to hug chickens
  • show him that cows are cute
  • let him wear band shirts
  • teach him that he better fucking respect women or ill yell at him a lot
  • let him play with my super cool beard
  • make him and his little sister get along so he can protect her or his mom if anything happened to me where I wouldn’t be able to any more
  • work out together
  • art with him
  • respect whoever he takes to prom, girl, boy, or anyone in between
  • throw a condom at him on his first day of high school.
  • be his boy scout troop leader
  • respect him if he comes out as… not a him. Then buy the fucking prettiest god damn dress I can find, and another one in my size so I can pick them up from school and make sure everyone knows not to fuck with my offspring
  • watch httyd with him
  • cosplay as stoick and have him cosplay as hiccup
  • protect the shit out of him
  • forgive him
  • love and respect him for whoever he turns out to be