In the far future, to combat over-population, Earth has been replicated in 17 different ‘dimensions’. There is free travel and free communication between them. Due to a mishap, you arrive at the long-abandoned Earth-12.

LGBT Characters In Animation

*crying tears of joy and saddness* *is a mankanshoku x gamagori shipper* *unable to hold the feels* *laughing over Shinsekai yori*

these are just some of my favourites, full list here :)

South Pacific islands ban western junk food and go organic
Leaders of Vanuatu province want to turn local people and tourists away from unhealthy imports in favour of locally grown crops and seafood
By Eleanor Ainge Roy

A group of south Pacific islands are banning foreign junk food imports in favour of an all-local, organic diet as a way to combat future health problems.

Torba province, part of Vanuatu, aims to impose restrictions on the import of western foodstuffs and instead take advantage of its productive agricultural land and rich natural resources. Located in the northern part of Vanuatu, Toba is often described as the “forgotten province” and the majority of its 10,000 people are subsistence farmers.

Father Luc Dini, a community leader and head of the local tourism council, said a ban on foreign food imports would improve the health and wellbeing of islanders.

“At the moment we have an infiltration of junk food from overseas,” he said.

“It is easy to boil noodles or rice, but they have almost no nutritional value and there is no need to eat imported food when we have so much local food grown organically on our islands.”


2/23/17 2.10 mile
More treadervals!
YTD: 180.99 miles
419 days in a row

Treadmill intervals. As exciting as it gets! I felt a little better Thursday than I did Tuesday, so upped the speed of both the fast and the slow segments. And bumped the speed of the fast interval as I went. As usual, it doesn’t really get represented well in the Garmin graphs. Stretched out in the hot tub afterwards.

I lifted after the kids went down. How did it get to be squats day again so soon? It feels like I was JUST getting over being sore from last time. Maybe I was :)

Added in a shortened push, pull, roll routine. I was pretty sore yesterday from just my “pull, roll” 5x5, so I figured I’d try to combat future soreness by attempting to get these more regularly into my schedule.

chandy-nitram  asked:

"Ah crap! I'm sorry, Japanese names are often difficult... Er, I'm Malcom Su-, Wait, no, last name first... Suzuki Malcom, then. I was the Ultimate Boy Scout, but then Tragedy happened... Anyways, y'all don't seem to be Despairs either..." He finally pocketed the switchblade. "Thank god, I don't hafta knock out more peeps." He sighed in relief.

Suzuki-kun, then! We are members of the Future Foundation, working to combat despair. If you aren’t with them, then you’re welcome to come along with us.