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Get Hit (Neymar imagine)


I stared at the closet for a while, looking for what to wear to this game, Neymar walked in and chuckled. “Staring at clothes won’t help you” He said

I rolled my eyes at him, “I know that”

He wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his head on my shoulder, “You do know that the game starts in an hour right?” Neymar asked

I turned to him, “You’re kidding”

Neymar just shook his head a smile on his lips. “I would be laughing really hard if I were kidding”

I sighed, “You pick something for me to wear then”

Neymar chuckled, and walked further into the closet. “Wow I didn’t know combined we had this much clothes”

I chuckled, “Well now you know”

After about 20 minutes he came out and handed me a white V-neck, black cardigan, and tan leggings. I raised an eyebrow at him, “Weren’t you the one who told me to throw these out?” I asked

Neymar shrugged, “It’s a home game, and those are easy to take off” He said as he left the room

I shook my head, and got dressed. After I finished doing my hair, make-up and putting on my shoes we got in the car. Once we arrived at the Camp Nou, Neymar and I walked hand-in-hand inside. When we made our way by the lockers we stopped, “Remember have fun, don’t get hurt, and I love you”I said

Neymar smiled, “And you remember don’t given anyone your number, stay away from the guys, and I love you”

I chuckled, and gave him a kiss. “Good Luck”

He winked and then went into the lockers.


When we separated I headed into the locker rooms, talking with the guys and soon enough it was game time. As we made our way to the tunnel, and were standing next to Valencia’s starting eleven I felt someone staring. When I turned, it was Jose Gaya.

“Neymar don’t”Dani said standing behind me

“I wasn’t going to it him”

Dani just chuckled, and we headed out. After shaking hands with everyone, we got into our positions. I looked into the stands, Y/N was standing next to Antonella up front, a smile on her face. As soon as the ref blew the whistle we were off.

~3rd person

 Throughout the game there hadn’t been many fouls, however you were worrying as if there had been some. Antonella chuckled besides you, “Y/N you and Neymar are so similar” She said

You chuckled, “So I’ve been told”

Even Neymar had complications on field. “Calm down, Neymar” Messi said

However not even words from the wise could help either of you calm down. Finally at half time came it was zero to zero, and you leaned back in your chair.

“I really have no idea why I get so worked up” You said

After the break, and once the boys were back on field they picked up. Neymar had the ball, passing it to Luis and in the 59’ in the game Barcelona had a score.

You and Antonella cheered together, the boys congratulated Luis on field. When they restarted, Valencia had changed their way of playing the game. They got closer to the goal, outrunning defense. And eventually it came, Valencia had scored in the 86’ of the game.

Santi Mina scored and the Valencia boys came running down field towards the forward. “It’s alright guys we’ll get another one” Neymar yelled

As they restarted Neymar was now being guarded by José Gaya, and the two had been known not to be getting along at all in this game and previous ones. “I still don’t know how a woman like her ended up with you” Jose said as the two stood next to each other

Neymar at first payed him no attention, “Ah did I strike a nerve? I mean just imagine if I had your wife? Everyday that ass would be mine”

Neymar turned towards Jose, “Look Gaya shut the fuck up about my wife” He said staring him down

“Or what? I’m just telling you, with her ass, those big tits she’s got , and her curves I really don’t see why she’s with you”

And that was it for the Brazilian boy to lose his cool, and punch Gaya in the face. Instantly the two began to push and punch each other. Both teams rushed over to separate the two, “Say shit again” Neymar yelled after being dragged away from him

Gaya just smiled, “I’d tear her apart”

You watched from the stands your hands over your mouth, as Antonella placed her arms around you calming you down. “He’s going to be fine Y/N ” She reassured

You nodded, and sat down. As the game continued on without Neymar and Gaya, you couldn’t help but wonder as to why they fought in the first place, it was a hectic game however nothing to fight over.

When the game had finally finished, both you and Antonella rushed towards the locker rooms. Waiting for a little bit outside, when Messi walked out he gave you a smile. “He’s alright now”

“What happened?”

Messi could only shrug, “I have no clue, one moment he was fine and then they both flipped.”


After talking with Messi for a little while, players from both teams walked past. Even the guy who Neymar fought, walked by giving me a smile and then continuing on his way.

As I waited for Neymar, I looked around. Eventually he came out a smile on his face, I stared at him my sarms crossed. “Aw come on babe you can’t be pissed at me"He said

“I can’t?Neymar, you fought somebody during the game. I have a right to be pissed” I said

He sighed, “Look I have a good reason”

I raised an eysebrow,“Alright let me hear it”

Neymar nodded, “Okay, first it was his fault he got hit. Second, he disrespected you and me”

“Well what did he say?”

“He said a lot of shit, which I’m not going to repeat. However, you’re my wife and I’m not going to let some asshole disrespect you and get away with it.”

I nodded my head, “I understand where you’re coming from Neymar,but you can’t just go around beating people up.”

He muttered something and I chuckled, “Let’s just go home, you caused me enough worries for tonight”

He just smiled giving me a kiss. As we got in the car, and drove to the house Neymar didn’t say anything and just focused on driving. When arrived at the house, he was the same way quiet. “Neymar” I said walking into the bedroom

He turned towards me raising an eyebrow, “Yeah?”

“If they would’ve let you two continue you could’ve kicked his ass” I said leaning on the door frame

He smiled, “I know I would’ve kicked his ass, just wait the next time we play them let him come and say shit again. I’m ready”

This time I raised an eyebrow, “What do you mean next time? ”

He put his hands up, “If he starts talking and I lose it, that’s the next time. Now come on and let’s go to sleep, I need to hold you”



This is your 3rd date-night with Neymar.. And he wants to tell you something:

“I was wondering if you’d like to be Officially my girlfriend…?” he asks with a sly smile 

“Only if you’re honest with me…” you say calmly

He looks down “If you’re honest with me..” he looks up at you with his beautiful eyes “I’ll be honest with you”