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This is Ura Might!

Uraraka and All Might’s personalities are already somewhat similar, with them both being very sweet most of the time, but being able to become very serious and intense, so Ura Might is just the BIGGEST of sweethearts! However, when they need to be, they can be the scariest person you’ve ever met! 

Their quirk is Gravity Manipulation, where they can both increase gravity for what they touch, or decrease it. When they overuse it, they vomit, uh, blood.


The Ruby, Sapphire (Garnet) and Hessonite fusion!

Sunstone sorta of has a Sardonyx-ish personality, but a bit more narcissistic and mean. If she were in a talent show she’d probably sabotage the other acts in her favor.

I gave her triangular freckles to represent her eye marking but to those of you who don’t think it’s a marking, freckles look good either way AMIRIGHT?

((Also yes, I understand they are both Garnets HOWEVER this is not a Garnet and Hessonite fusion, it’s a Ruby, Sapphire and Hessonite fusion which would in the technical sense be COMPLETELY different))

A BIG thank you to @artifiziell for allowing me to use her Hessonite png! It truly does looks like the most accurate depiction!

It started as a sketch about half a year ago. And now as I’m sick and have some extra time, I decided to finish it. I miss SU… this giant hiatus becomes more and more frustrating. So here are two gems I miss most. And a scene that was really cool.


iolite!!! highly inspired by @mrhaliboot​ !! their unique fusions make me sooo happy so i wanted to try it myself. even used their cool font tutorial !!

aquamarine and peridot become a lil magician who does terrible magic tricks they found in a book lmfao
also has a huge crush on big hot magician hsjdajasdj

they have four arms but the two that extend from her hips can appear whenever she needs them!! :)) hope u like it

( commissions are open )