“… even if Fushimi won’t come back to us, it’d be good if you two could talk one day.. with Yata in the place he belongs to and Fushimi in the place he belongs to..” – Totsuka Tatara

This last scene really broke my heart everytime I watched it! It has such a deep meaning and then I saw Ue-chan crying again and then I remember those Tatara’s words to Misaki and then that theme song being played again and then.. aaaaaa I JUST CAN’T STOP CRYING (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) why

  • Saruhiko: I hate the Red King...he stole Misaki from me.
  • Misaki: I hate the Blue King...he stole Saru from me.
  • Mikoto: *texting Munakata* im bored. Let's clash and see Misaki and Fushimi angst.
  • Munakata: *texts back* How absurd. As if I'd want to see your repulsive face. It makes me sick.
  • Mikoto: *text* ...is that a no?
  • Munakata: *text* 7 pm, near central park.
  • Mikoto: *text* It's a date. ;)
  • Rest of clan members: Fuck this shit, not again.

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6. Characters Played By ~ Miyano Mamoru
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