So briefly. Misaki is a merman, Saruhiko is human. Son of the king (NIKi) of the kingdom of the shore (too much inspiration for the name). So let’s say Saruhiko can perform some magic tricks : one of them allow him to go underwater protected in a cute bubble. So one day he goes exploring and meets with Misaki. They become friends thought Saru try to hide it from his asshole dad. They grow up together being all cute. One day Misaki meet a see gang (aka merman homra) who propose him to follow them. Yata hesitates and ends up asking Saru who reacts (really) bad (that’s Saru we’re talking about ofc he’d react bad). He totally rejects Misaki and leave, going back ‘home’ all miserable. Yata ‘s sad but follows homra anyway. When he comes back several years later he tries to call for Saruhiko. He then learns that the former king had died some times ago ( oh so sad … lol ) and that Saruhiko is about to be cowned now he is in age. Saruhiko refuse to see or talk to Misaki he even avoid sea as much as he can (he cant deal with the memories). Misaki’s angry at him but somehow can’t let things like that … so he goes to seawitch!nagare to be able to go on earth. Follow the usual go on earth but in exchange you give me your voice. … AAnnd i don’t know yet how to continue but blah blah the kiss … happy ending. Fin. credits 

returnofthedamocles  asked:

fushimi playing the piano? :D

More musical Fushimi :D So maybe at some point when he was a kid Kisa made him take piano lessons and he was actually pretty good at it. They used to have a big old piano in the house and sometimes when Fushimi was bored he would just sit and play anything and it was a little soothing for him, like he could just play and forget the rest of the world and his own loneliness and get lost in the music. He never tells anyone that he can play though and he stops taking lessons and tries to act like he hates the piano because he’s afraid that if Niki realizes Fushimi enjoys the piano he’ll destroy it somehow and Fushimi won’t even have that. So then maybe one day after Fushimi and Yata have joined Homra Kusanagi like decides to have a piano installed in the bar just for ambiance purposes, he’s not really planning on using it or having anyone play it just adds to the whole aesthetic that Kusanagi’s going for. Totsuka of course decides to take up piano for all of three days before he gets bored and the whole time he’s just banging on the keys doing whatever he wants while Fushimi sits in the corner and grimaces because that poor piano.

So one day Fushimi walks into the bar and it looks empty, everyone else is apparently out doing things and he’s all on his own. Yata’s sent him a message that they’ll meet back at the bar though so he doesn’t want to leave either. Fushimi wanders around bored before finally sitting down at the piano and just idly playing. He immediately just totally loses track of time and isn’t paying any attention as he sits there playing whatever comes to mind. As soon as he’s done playing he suddenly starts in surprise as someone behind him starts applauding and Yata runs up to him all amazed, like wait Saruhiko since when can you play piano. Fushimi’s eyes widen and he’s flustered for a minute before he realizes that like half of Homra has gathered behind him and Totsuka’s applauding and Fushimi gets irritated and clicks his tongue. He tries to blow Yata off, like it’s nothing special, but everyone’s really impressed with his skills. Totsuka probably wants Fushimi to show him how to play and Fushimi’s like no way in hell, trying to get away and act like it didn’t happen. Then Anna tugs on his sleeve and asks him to play another song, Fushimi glares but he totally sits back down and Anna hops up onto the bench next to him as he starts playing again.