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Title: Happy Day
Character: Shaun Murphy
A/n: A little self-indulgent since today is me day of birth, but feel to imagine that it’s your day of birth as well!

You were never one to overcomplicate your birthday, and you never expected the day to feel different from any other day. A simple happy birthday from your friends and co-workers suited you just fine. You knew sooner or later the on pour of cards from your out of state family a couple of phone calls would follow whenever you had the time to look.

But having the crazy and unpredictable schedule of a surgeon made it difficult to plan a proper celebratory outing with your friends. Hell, you were lucky if you could somehow mange to get the night off so you could lounge on the couch and take a well deserved nap.

Of course, that wasn’t to say the day was totally mundane.

You walked into the front doors of the hospital, shaking out your umbrella from the rain before placing it safely it’s little pouch. Your gaze was preoccupied on your current task to notice Claire beaming at you with the biggest smile she could muster.

Your eyes barely flitted up to her beaming grin before your ears were attacked with a loud and slightly off key…

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dearest (Y/n).
Happy birthday to you!

You couldn’t help the smile that slowly fought it’s way onto your face and the way youe checks slightly fushed at the way other residents began looking over at the spectacle with smiles of their own.

“Shh..,” You said with a small nudge to her shoulder. “No need to tell the entire building.” You mock scolded in hushed tones.

“But it’s your birthday!” She exclaimed with a tight squeeze around your shoulders before sliding your usual cup of coffee, but now adorned with a bright red bow on the plastic lid.

You took the cup from the desk and raised it to her in a small cheers before going to put on your scrubs.

Claire watched you walk away with the still beaming smile as she began going over her patient charts for the day. She didn’t even notice Shaun come up behind her, focus solely on your retreating figure.

“Why were you singing to (Y/n)?”

Claire jumped and made a full 180 to face him, a small laugh at his question. “Oh, today’s her birthday.”

Shaun nodded. “Okay.”

Claire’s face turned into one of confusion as Shaun simply turned around, hands laced together and back straight as usual. “Another conversation for the record books then.”

You let out a content sigh as you finally managed to release the tension in your back, after spending a good few minutes contorting your body into various positions.

There was a small hallway where the staff kept a handful of spare cots and blankets for emergency code yellows and particularly busy days. It was often where you retreated after long surgery sessions due to the fact that it was almost always empty, and you were free to let your mind think.

So you instantly picked up on the distant sound of footsteps echoing throughout the hall. And once you looked down one end, you saw Shaun making his way towards you.

The instant you saw his face you smiled, holding your hand up to wave him over. “Good afternoon, Shaun.” You called once he was a reasonable amount of distance away.

You took notice that his hands were now clasped behind his back instead of their usual place in the front, but chose not to comment on it.

Shaun stopped a few steps in front of you and nodded. “Hello,” He said, eyes wandering elsewhere in the hall. “Claire told me it was your birthday today,” Shaun said, jutting out his hand in front of you. “Here you go.”

You casted a glance down at his closed hand and then back to him. “Well thank you, but you know you didn’t have to.”

He nodded. “Yes, but you are my friend.”

The simple sentence caused a surge of happiness to run through you before you placed your hand out to him. In turn, he opened his and turned it over, hiding the gift as a small amount of weight pressed into your palm.

When you moved your hand closer to you, you were able to make out a pendant of an anatomically correct heart on the end of a silver chain.

Shaun watched a bright smile form on your face, and he found himself smiling too. Happy that he had picked something out that you seemed to like.

“Do you like it?”

Your free hand reached up to run along the charm, a small laugh escaping you. “Yes, it’s very sweet,” Your eyes met his for a moment. “Thank you very much, Shaun.”

Shaun’s ears perked up and he nodded. “You’re welcome.”

A comfortable silence washed over the two of you, something Shaun wasn’t used to. But he felt like he could watched you stare down at his gift in admiration for hours.

But he recalled a scene in a movie he watched earlier that week.

“I can put it on for you.” He said, rocking foward on his feet flightly, still avoiding your gaze.

You looked up at him, slightly taken back by the offer before holding out the necklace to him. “Go for it.”

Shaun unclasped the chain, and draped it over your neck, careful to avoid snagging it on anything as he patiently rejoined the clasp and chain.

You looked down at it fondly, the pendant hung low on the long chain, meaning you could tuck it under your scrubs once your break was over.

Once they were linked, his hands slightly hovered the back of your neck before he shyly dropped his hands. “There you go.”

You turned to him, you thought about giving him a hug in thanks, but remembered he wasn’t fond of being squeezed. So, your next instinct was to press a light kiss on his check, and a small pat on his shoulder.

“You’re sweet, Shaun.” You said, unconsciously running your fingers along the charm. “Thanks again.”

Shaun eyes lingered on you for a moment, before he cleared his throat and nodded. “Happy Birthday.” He turned around and paced out of the hallway, hand reaching up to ruffle his hair as he smiled.

You liked his gift.

Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Battlestar Galactica’

In 2004, Sci-Fi’s reboot of ‘Battlestar Galactica’ became a cult hit by combining action-packed sci-fi with insightful social commentary. Whether you’re a fan of the show or you’ve never seen an episode, here’s what you need to know about the groundbreaking television series.

The robotic Cylons want to exterminate humanity because they hate George W. Bush: Battlestar Galactica aired during the Bush administration’s war on terror, and included clever political allegories like having the Cylons really dislike George W. Bush. Throughout the series, Cylon centurions scream anti-Bush messages like “Bush lost the popular vote!” and “Buck fush!” whenever they attack human colonists.

Galactica is trying to find Earth so they can see a giraffe: At the start of the series, most of the Galactica’s crew doesn’t even believe that giraffes exist. The ancient legends of a very tall animal that is fun to look at are dismissed as mere myth. Before beginning the quest for giraffes, Commander Adama has to rally humanity with his inspirational “A Cow Is Not The Tallest Creature There Is” speech.

Humans can have sex with robots, but your junk is going to get a little pinched: The Cylons created humanoid robots to infiltrate mankind, and these replicas are so convincing that the only way to tell them apart from real humans is that robot genitals nip a bit. Sex with robots still feels pretty good, but you’re going to end up with a welt or two down there by the time you orgasm.

Kara “Starbuck” Thrace is an ace fighter pilot but is terrified she’s going to have to pay for all the gas she’s using: Starbuck became a fan-favorite character with her badass attitude and elite fighting skills, but displayed a softer side with her fears that someone was going to send her a bill for all the spaceship fuel. Before entering dogfights, Starbuck would always radio Galactica and ask, “Is the gas still free?” just to double check. Being afraid of getting a whopping jet-fuel bill was a trait that brought real depth and complexity to Starbuck’s character.

The show took a religious turn by having Jesus join the main cast in the final season: In the season-four episode “Fortunate Son,” Galactica encounters Jesus flying through space and invites him aboard for dinner. Commander Adama and Jesus get along so well that Christ asks to join the ship’s crew, and he puts his miraculous powers of healing to good use as chief medical officer. Fans are still divided whether it was a smart decision to explicitly show that Christ is real and has magic powers in an otherwise grounded show, but there’s no denying that Jesus is one of the most memorable sci-fi characters of all time.