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My friend @sailorshadow is a disabled trans person trying to escape a dangerously abusive environment but even in the current situation, their household can’t really even afford groceries, so escaping their family is going to be really hard

I’m doing fundraiser commissions for them, a drawing like the ones above for a minimum of $15 each, donated directly to my friend. Commissions can have up to 2 characters, additional characters past that are +$3 each

Please send me an ask or email truebuggy4@gmail.com if you’re interested.

I can do furries, animals, monsters, real people, OCs, sky’s the limit. I just won’t draw anything I find morally objectionable and will need to be able to confirm that you are 18+ if you want a nsfw commission

Thank you!

  • Jin: Will come and sit on your keyboard while you're trying to do stuff cos he thinks he's far more interesting to look at than whatever that boring shit on your screen is. Plus he's hungry. Always hungry.
  • Suga: Never moves. Like ever. Sometimes you have to poke him just to make sure he's still alive. And then after you've poked him he'll hiss at you. But he loves you deep down, probably because you bought him a fluffy bed.
  • J-Hope: Pounces on your head every morning to wake you up cos he loves you and wants the first thing you see in the morning to be his furry belly.
  • Rap Monster: Walks across the table to get to you and knocks off a) your coffee cup, b) your laptop, c) your entire collection of glass figurines, d) all of the above.
  • Jimin: Will be constantly rubbing against you. Like as soon as you get home he just suddenly appears and rubs against your legs. It's rare for you to get out the house without fur all over you.
  • V: Always chasing stuff. Legit, if it moves, he chases it. Butterflies, spiders, dogs, pokemon, anything. Also eats whatever he manages to catch. So hide your other pets...
  • Jungkook: That crazy ass kitten that just runs around everywhere. Will legit try to run vertically up your walls, so keep him supervised at all times. And watch out for him randomly hiding underneath your legs when he gets freaked out by another cat, especially if it's female.

As of 2016, one in every 100 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. We, as Global Citizens, stand proudly with, and as supporters of, refugee communities and vulnerable populations, regardless of their religion or origin.

On 6/19, we’re hosting our first Issue Time conversation on our Tumblr page that will deal with how the global community can support, improve the position of and stand in solidarity with refugees, and communicate how and why refugees are human beings, just like us, first and foremost.


Madge Thomas, Deputy-Director of Global Policy and Advocacy, Global Citizen

Madge is the Deputy Director, Global Policy and Advocacy for Global Citizen and, together with the GPA Director, managers Global Citizen’s campaigning priorities in four countries. She also leads on Global Citizen’s campaigns on Global Education, including education in emergencies, basic education and girls’ education. Madge is a qualified lawyer with over ten years of experience in human rights, international affairs and development, including within the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Piper Perabo; Actress, Activist, and IRC Voice; International Rescue Committee

Piper Perabo is a Golden Globe nominated actress. She can currently be seen opposite Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Lionsgate’s BLACK BUTTERFLY, a remake of French thriller PAPILLON NOIR by Herve Korian. She made her Broadway debut in Neil LaBute’s controversial play REASONS TO BE PRETTY, which was nominated for the Tony for Best Play. Outside of her work on screen and stage, Perabo became an IRC Voice to raise awareness of the refugee crisis in Europe and help those displaced by conflict, religious persecution and political oppression around the globe.

Elmo, Sesame Street Muppet

Elmo is a 3 ½-year-old furry red monster who lives on Sesame Street. Elmo loves making new friends and recently visited refugee children and families in Jordan.

Sherrie Westin, EVP for Global Impact and Philanthropy, Sesame Workshop

Sherrie Rollins Westin is EVP, Global Impact and Philanthropy for Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind Sesame Street. Westin oversees the Workshop’s programs addressing the needs of children from India to South Africa to the U.S., providing early education through mass media and targeted initiatives. Under Westin’s leadership, Sesame Workshop and IRC are partnering to bring vital early learning and nurturing care to children and families affected by the ongoing civil war in Syria.

Yasmine Sherif, Director of Education Cannot Wait

Yasmine Sherif is the Director of Education Cannot Wait (ECW). A lawyer specialized in International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Law (LL.M), she has over 25 years of experience with the United Nations (UNHCR, UNDP, OCHA) and international NGOs. Her expertise stretches across the humanitarian, development and peacekeeping spectrum, having served in some of the most crisis affected countries and regions on the globe, including Afghanistan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and across the Middle East, including Jordan (the Syria-crisis) and the occupied Palestinian territory, as well as in New York and Geneva. She has also worked as an Adjunct Professor responsible for the Masters Programme on the UN, humanitarian assistance and human rights at Long Island University (LIU), and has published extensively on international humanitarian and development issues, as well as international law. She is the author of the book, The Case for Humanity: An Extraordinary Session, which was launched at the United Nations in New York in 2015, a Huffington Post blogger, and has appeared in the media in Scandinavia, the US and Canada.

Sometimes I sit down and think about how sad the Omega Flowey fight really is.

Because you take this small, terrified dude and give him nearly infinite power, and throw him in front of a smaller, horrified child.

The OF fight is obviously a fight where Flowey tries his god damn hardest to make Frisk as scared and helpless as he can, and what better way to do it if not by using everything that scared himself?

All the human bits, the eyes all over, the grotesque fleshy head… He’s terrified of humans, and it’s completely understandable after what he went through- he was brutally killed by them on his first time in the surface.
All the machinery (especially the screen from the true lab)… The place where he was created, the place that started his suffering.
The plants all over, rough, spiky, sharp… His new body, an unfamiliar plant body he found himself in after living as a soft, furry monster for his whole life.

And don’t forget the whole “Call for help, I dare you. Scream into the darkness: Mommy! Daddy! Anybody, help!” “… But nobody came.” bit (iirc, I’m doing this without ref)… Especially when you take into consideration what he tells us in the geno run- how he woke up and couldn’t feel his arms or legs, screaming for help for god knows how long… But nobody came.

And the worst part in all of this?

You know at that point, where Omega Flowey’s defense drops to 0, and his attacks grow weaker, slower, clumsier?
You know how it happens after you call for help, after you [ACT]?
How the souls come to your aid…?

It’s not fair, is it. Why do YOU get help, when he didn’t? Why do YOU get to live, when he was left for his own devices? Isn’t it kill or BE killed? Why are they helping you?

He most likely was having a breakdown. He most likely was desperate to do anything to stop you. He most likely didn’t want to believe that in this cruel world, he never got any help when he was scared and alone, and now you are.

Just a thought.