Let's just take a moment to remember the dark ages of Disney park characters.

Prince Caspian. I’m sure this lasted like two weeks. 

I don’t even know what this is. Jessica Rabbit. Okay. That’s cool. But is this a fur character or a face character? Why was this a thing. 

Let us never forget the days of the mowgli face character; where they hired a guy to run around in shorts. A moment of silence. 

And finally: my absolute favorite. Flounder.

I cannot come up with a caption for this. 

Source: CharacterCentral.net

“As a cast member, it really annoys me when parents think their child is more deserving of a meet and greet than "adults”. Having a someone complain about adults taking a long time when they have a child in line frustrates me and I just want to smack them and tell them that everyone deserves a good interaction, and you have no idea how long that person waited to meet that character. Everyone can be a child at Disney, but you shouldn’t always act like one"


Mickey takes a selfie at Hong Kong Disneyland. (source)