Some may not know, but right now, Jersey is going through some shit. After just MONTHS of rebuilding our boardwalk after Hurricane Sandy, it’s being engulfed by flames. Around 2:20pm this afternoon, the custard shop was engulfed and with the winds, it quickly spread. Half the boardwalk is still being engulfed and hundreds of firefighters in Jersey have come to try to stop it. They’ve ripped out new boards, dug trenches and put up sand dunes and barriers to keep the fire from spreading, but whatever is already on fire is still being engulfed, blazing out of control. Funtown Pier is gone…completely destroyed. The Saw Mill is gone. My heart hurts so much…

While there may not be much we can do, I just ask for you to remain grateful for everything you have…my childhood is in flames right now and there’s nothing I can do but cry.

Stay Jersey Strong, guys.