michaelthepeashooter  asked:

to you, what is the most noticable Scooby doo error?

I already had an answer ready… but then, yesterday, I saw this:

1. Magician guy is on his half-drawn camel. The camel throws him off, and he lands in the sand.

2. Cut to him on the ground. He casts a spell to “bring the camel back to him.”

3. Cut to the camel. We now see that the camel was apparently on top of a weird ship, even though we saw so sign of that before.

We also see that the magician is still on the camel, even though he was just thrown off the camel.

4. The camel is magic’d away, and the duplicate magician still hovers there. Even by this point, they didn’t even realize what they did.

Or, maybe they just didn’t care.

5. The camel is thrown back to the magician… who we are reminded is still lying on the ground, even though we were just shown him also being on the camel.

…ladies and gents, I present to you: a new low.