Funny fact about me: I kinde laught about normal Swiss family were the parents are Swiss, but other look at me funny just because Iive in a Asian/European household. FACT IS: I can eat good hearty Czech food or very spicey Thai food xD)

fun fact: one of my maths teachers almost got the job as countdown lady, but was beaten by rachel riley, and last week someone snuck into the classroom before our lesson and stuck up a bunch of pictures of rachel riley and she cancelled our lesson

Facts about me

name: Evelyn
age: 18
sexuality: demisexual 
eye colour: olive green 
height: 5'4
favourite season?: summer
favourite movie/s?: it follows, it’s kind of a funny story, scary movie, silence of the lambs
favourite band?: the killers, fall out boy, hedley
favourite quote?: “happy girls who are kind to others are the prettiest"
favourite shirt?: any of my batman sleep shirts, or one of my corsets
smoke?: a little
drink?: not really anymore
write?: I try
draw?: I try
play an instrument?: violin and I used to be great at piano
your favourite place: on a swing set when I can feel myself flying and I have no worries in the world
your ideal partner: someone funny & caring 
your bedroom: totally comic book/nerdy/hello kitty themed

I’d love if people messaged me and told me a little bit about themselves! I love to get to know new people!!

Yellow sexy Tumblr people :D This is our FIRST tumblr post. So there is nothing better than a video with some facts about us!
We also do a different type of cooking videos called Sexy Funny Kitchen, check them out if you want to learn some new recipes and at the same time laugh a bit and :) 

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Never forget to smile!

Last night I dreamt about meeting Miles on the underground and I said him ‘hey man you have to write a new album and come to Italy soon, COME OOON!’

He replied 'yes ofc but…don’t you have to go to school two hours later tomorrow?’

And I woke up like 'right I can sleep for another hour’ but suddently I realised I couldn’t :(

Day 18

Post 30 facts about yourself.

1. I have one tattoo, but want more.

2. I have never seen the old, original versions of Walt Disney’s Pinocchio, Cinderella, or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

3. I have gone zip lining and parasailing before.

4. I regretfully cheated on a spelling test in first grade.

5. I had quite the foul mouth in 6th grade at school. I look back now shaking my head at how trashy and cheesy it really was.

6. I used to wish that the Cat In The Hat was real and was going to come to my house while my parents were gone and party it up with me.

7. The Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. Fireworks are my fav.

8. I’ve never been on a date.

9. I like to make jokes and be super sarcastic.

10. I adore long naps under warm blankets in a cold room with a couple of fans going.

11. I’ve never gotten drunk before.

12. I fell off of our couch when I had a shirt over my knees when I was like five and fell on a metal toy we had and knocked my two front teeth out.

13. Fall is my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors and because it’s not too hot or too cold. I adore everything about it.

14. Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone was the first movie I went to in theaters with my brother and dad.

15. I hate the smell of buttery popcorn (mostly in theaters) it used to make me feel sick and nauseous, but I’ve gotten it mostly under control now.

16. I think that sign language is so beautiful and fascinating and I would love to learn more.

17. I have naturally curly hair.

18. I have a passion for photography.

19. I enjoy writing poetry when I’m feeling inspired.

20. My first concert was a Lady Gaga Concert in 2014.

21. I like learning about other people and other cultures.

22. I’ve been in like 3 pretty minor car accidents. Two from other people and one by my own doing.

23. Tumblr is a nice escape for me from people I know in real life, there are a few exceptions that know about my blog though.

24. I have a few strands of grey hair already. I think I had my first when I was 16 or 17.

25. I turn red really easily when attention is brought to me for whatever reason.

26. I’ve never tried to do a cartwheel because I’m afraid I’ll hurt myself haha

27. I had my first official cup of coffee like a year ago when I first started my job. I wasn’t a big fan of coffee until I started that job, now I’m a big fan haha.

28. I am a very sensitive, affectionate, and emotional person.

29. I love when people smile and laugh. I try an evoke these emotions around people because it is one of my favorite things.

30. I find peace and comfort in music, nature, glass blowing, and being alone.

This took me a while to compile haha.