funny fact about me reading chapter 128

Me before reading: Okay I’m ready for this, Agni is dead and I’ll have to get over it, there’s nothing I can do about it

Me reading that part up there: *sobs* WHY DOES IT HAVE TO HURT SO MUCH?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN NOTHING IN PARTICULAR GRELL?! HE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL AND KIND AND PERFECT AND…. *cries harder and isn’t able to form coherent words*

After the ending of the chapter: *slowly slides under the desk, does not feel anything anymore, is she alive? Well….*

I’m still not over this

@spoonriverrat hahaha!!! That is actually very doubtful!! Funny fact about me…..I work in a retail pharmacy. And I literally dress like trash for work. Because if I wear nice clothes or do my make up nice it attracts kinds of attention that I do not want…..especially from some of the unstable unpredictable individuals who come and pick up their drugs.

Side rant that has nothing to do with this….I had a mom come in today and try and get me to fill an expired narcotic rx. I remember her from before because she gave me an expired rx last time too. And I refused it. And I refused it again and this time she squints her ugly ass face and me and yells “YOU REALLY TRY. don’t you.”…..I almost laughed in her face…..but was too incredulous to actually do so….and said “I follow the law. LEGALLY I can’t fill this. So if I didn’t try I could loose my license.🙂”…..she then scooped the rx crumpled it up and threw it at the pharmacy…..only to come back and get it because she probably wouldn’t be able to get a new one from the dr with out it.😂😂😂

This. This is why I choose to look like trash for my job. 😐🔫

Anyone wanna talk about b.a.p?
  • Hey fellow K-pop fans, I really want to join the b.a.p fandom cause I just discovered them and they're AWESOME!
  • Could anyone help me knowing them better by just telling me funny, interesting facts about them, send me amazing videos that every b.a.p fan should see? Come talk to me so we can chat about the b.a.P members 😍 That would be really nice and I love making new friends 😄😘

you wanna know a funny fact about me when I was little reading the Harry Potter books?

Before the movies came out, my dad read the first three books to my sister and I, and for some reason we completely missed the part that described Hermione and we had two completely different ideas of what she looked like.

My sister thought she was really pretty and preppy and blonde like a Regina George or something, and, this is no joke, I literally pictured Gretchen Grundler from Recess but with black hair, that’s exactly who I pictured. Everyone else was a normal human but in my brain Hermione was literally a cartoon stretched-out Gretchen hanging out with all the normal students with normal proportions.

We fought about it, and eventually we had to go back and find where it describes her in the first book and we both felt so betrayed. And I actually remember thinking, when the first images of live action emma watson hermione were being released “well, I wont be able to enjoy these movies because hermione looks completely wrong and I just wont be able to get into them.”

Additionally, my best friend and I would fight over how Hermione’s name was pronounced (I was right by the way), and another of my friends who read the books before I did convinced me that Harry and Hermione got married at the end and I was so upset that she spoiled that me I stopped talking to her for a while, and didn’t realize till I was older that only the third book had come out by that point lol.


1) when my mom finally admits harry is hot

2) when i overhear a conversation about harry

3) when someone tells me ill never meet harry

4) when harry is dating some skinny bitch

5) when harry breaks up with the skinny bitch

6) when harry dresses nicely

7) when harry sings his fucking solos